Borroughs Corporation

Armstrong International

Erdman Project

  • The Erdman Machine/Silver Creek Energy vision is to develop an integrated renewable energy systems demonstration park. The GMI is conducting the feasibility analyses, mass & energy balances, economic analyses and sensitivity analyses for the various bioenergy systems.

Bell's Brewery

  • The GMI is helping Bell's develop an energy profile for their expanding facility, analyze various combined heat & power systems, and conduct economic analysis to determine the optimal CHP system for their operation. The GMI is also conducting an anaerobic digestion feasibility analysis for the spent grains (waste barley, hops, and malt).
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Landscape forms


Environmentally benign and substitute processes

Recycling and reconditioning high value metal components for steam systems

An internal review of Polystyrene in order to determine problems when recycling this material

  • This study focused on why polystyrene is harder than most other polymers to recycle and current methods that could be used to over come these challenges. Additionally, this project gathered information local ways to reduce and recycle PS for use in consortium member companies. The main purpose of this project was to develop a base of knowledge for waste material reduction as well as to generate continuing applied research applications in the field of polymer recovery and recycling.
  • Polystyrene Recycling


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