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Bade Shrestha

Alternative Fuel

The Fuel Cell Evlauation and Research Center is focused on performance and efficiency evaluation of various PEM and Alkaline fuel cells. Research Center Website

The Alternative Fuel Research Laboratory is focused on the performance evaluation of internal combustion engines using alternative gaseous fuels and their mixtures. Lab Website


Harold Glasser

Solar PV

Lab researching Solar Energy

Lab website

Asghar Kayani

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Dr. Kayani is working on materials to be used in Solid Oxide Fuel cells (SOFC). These cells are extremely efficient and provide green energy. He has three graduate students and an undergraduate student working on this project.

Lab website


John Patten

CEAS Wind Turbine

We have added a 2 kW Skystream 3.7 wind turbine to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences' Parkview Campus.

Lab website

Wind Turbine/Energy Research

Wind Turbine Data

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)


Lab website

PHEV Education and Research Website

Vehicle Data Page


Steve Bertman
Sarah Hill
John Miller

Bronco Biodiesel

The Bronco Biodiesel project seeks to turn waste grease from restaurants into a fuel source.

Research website



Consumers Energy Foundation Alternative and Renewable Energy Laboratory

In August 2009, Consumers Energy Foundation provided $34,000 in funding in support of the purchase of equipment for faculty/student research projects. These projects included "Environment Chamber for Wind Turbine Material Testing", "1-KW Fuel Cell System", and "Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Onboard Data Acquisition System." Most of the equipment was used in senior engineering design projects culminating in presentations being made at the Senior Engineering Design Conference held on April 20, 2010 at the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences. To date, Consumers Energy and their foundation have made gifts totaling nearly $360,000 to the University community.

The Consumers Energy Foundation recently made a $50,000 gift in support of a new Energy Laboratory to be established in the College. Students will begin using this laboratory in the Fall of 2007 to study energy conversion, utilization and conservation, alternative and renewable energies, including bio-fuels, solar, fuel and hydrogen cells and hybrid systems, and evaluation, monitoring and control of electrical energy systems and heating systems. It is hoped that this new laboratory will be the cornerstone for the development of an innovative Energy Research Center within the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences.

John Patten is the director of the Wind Turbine Lab and manages the Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) program

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