Psychology — Behavior Analysis

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Thanks to legislation in Michigan, insurance companies must cover therapeutic services for people with autism. However, only Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) professionals are allowed to bill for these services. WMU’s psychology - behavior analysis master’s degree is ABAI accredited and BACB approved, making it an important step in your path to certification and the ability to meet this growing demand.

It’s about more than certification

Being the only ABAI accredited master’s degree in the state of Michigan is a pretty big deal. It simplifies the BCBA certification process for our graduates. But that’s not all it’s about. The behavior analysis program at WMU is internationally known for being a quality, academically rigorous program that produces qualified, engaged professionals in a field that desperately needs them. Students who are passionate about learning and about behavior analysis are what have made the program so successful.

Perform better on the exam

WMU graduates perform better on the BCBA exam. According to BACB, first time test-takers in general have a 58% pass rate. First time test-takers from WMU have a pass rate of 88% (BACB website). Prepare to perform better. Prepare to make a difference.

Career choices

The number of children identified with autism spectrum disorders every year is staggering and on the rise. The need for qualified specialists to work with individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance abuse, etc. is growing every year. This behavior analysis master’s degree is ideal to prepare you to enter these fields.

Recognized leader in the field

WMU is internationally known as a leader in behavioral psychology. We have earned a reputation as having one of the finest behavior analysis programs in the country and in the world. You can get your master’s degree anywhere. But why would you get it anywhere else?

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