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Accessibility in a Digital Age 1.3 — links for 2011 accessibility conferences

The Multi-purpose Enabling Technology Lab (METL) serves as a central campus resource for enabling/assistive computing technology for students.

METL, located in Room 2030 in the University Computing Center, also functions as a classroom for programs such as Blindness and Low Vision Studies, Special Education, and Occupational Therapy.

METL Objectives

  • Provide access to enabling computing technology in a centrally located, accessible site.
  • Offer training to students, faculty, and staff on the use of enabling technology.
  • Provide assistance with faculty research projects in adaptive technology.
  • Provide documentation and training materials in alternative formats.
  • Assist as a production facility for printed materials in alternative formats for students, faculty and staff.
  • Act as an information resource for WMU.

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