Publications of the Richard Rawlinson Center


Eye and Mind: Collected Essays in Anglo-Saxon and Early Medieval Art by Robert Deshman

Edited by Adam Cohen

Deshman wove together a dense and tightly structured nexus of Early Christian, Carolingian, Anglo-Saxon and Ottonian manuscript illuminations, ivories, textiles, mosaics and wall paintings on the one hand, and contemporary exegetical, liturgical and political writings on the other.

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Anglo-Saxon Books and Their Readers: Essays in Celebration of Helmut Gneuss's "Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts"

Edited by Thomas N. Hall and Donald Scragg

The collection opens with Gneuss's Rawlinson Center lecture, delivered just a few months prior to the publication of the "Handlist." The lecture is followed by six essays that examine the scribes, contents, circumstances of production and intended uses of selected manuscripts from the late Anglo-Saxon period and investigate the fates of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts at the hands of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century antiquaries.

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Aedificia Nova: Studies in Honor of Rosemary Cramp

Edited by Catherine E. Karkov and Helen Damico

The essays offered to Professor Cramp in this volume, while varied in subject, discipline and methodological approach, center on interpretations of the material world, whether that materiality appears in literature, in stone or in the artifacts removed from an archaeological dig.

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The Old English Hexateuch: Aspects and Approaches

Edited by Rebecca Barnhouse and Benjamin C. Withers

Its over four hundred images make this manuscript (Cotton Claudius B. iv) one of the most extensively illustrated books to survive from the early Middle Ages and preserve evidence of the creativity of the Anglo-Saxon artist and his knowledge of other important early medieval picture cycles.

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The Recovery of Old English: Anglo-Saxon Studies in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Edited by Timothy Graham

The eight essays in this collection consider major aspects of the progress of Anglo-Saxon studies from their Tudor beginnings until their coming of age in the second half of the seventeenth century.

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