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System Requirements

Most recent web browsers will do a good job of displaying this on-line book. Note, however, that the book must display some characters (for example, runes) that most computer fonts do not contain. Most browsers will download an abbreviated version of Junicode, a font for medievalists.

One commonly used browser, Internet Explorer version 8, is unable to download this font. To get around the problem, upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 if you can, or download and install Junicode on your system.

If Junicode is already installed, your browser will not have to download the font and therefore pages will load faster. If you have not updated your installation of Junicode in the last several months, consider updating now (to version 0.7.3 or later). Recent versions feature much improved screen display.

Otherwise it is only necessary that Javascript be enabled in your browser to enable the display of footnotes and bibliography entries.