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About This Website

This Introduction to Old English was conceived as a work in electronic form and offered to the Rawlinson Center for publication via the Web in February 2001. Shortly thereafter, Blackwell Publishers expressed an interest in issuing it as a conventional book. With great generosity, both the Rawlinson Center and Blackwell Publishers agreed to a dual publication: those who wish to have a conveniently printed and bound copy may purchase the book (and the author hopes that a great many will do so), while nearly everything it contains is available to all, free of charge, via this website and the Old English Aerobics site. The author and his publishers hope that the book and websites will promote interest in Old English by making information about the language and easy-to-use texts widely available.

The author’s wish for this work is that it should evolve to become as nearly as possible what its readers want it to be. To this end, he earnestly solicits readers’ corrections and comments.

Note, March 2012: The on-line version of Introduction to Old English has been updated to agree with the printed third edition.