PDF Call for Papers for the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 14-17, 2015)

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The correct email address for the contact person for the session to be sponsored by Mediaevalia is

Image of a Congress session in the Goldsworth Valley dormitories.

Congress sessions, which are 90 minutes long, are constituted as follows:

Sponsored Sessions are organized by learned societies, associations, and institutions. The organizers set predetermined topics, usually reflecting the considered aims and interests of the organizing group.

Special Sessions are organized by individual scholars and ad hoc groups. The organizers set predetermined topics, which are often narrowly focused.

General Sessions are organized by the Congress Committee at the Medieval Institute. Topics include any area of medieval studies, with individual session topics determined by the topics of paper proposals submitted and accepted.

Looking for the program of the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 8-11, 2014)? It is archived in Scholarworks at WMU (external link).


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