Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduate Minor in Medieval Studies

Although the Medieval Institute does not offer a major in Medieval Studies, the many undergraduate classes offered at the University in medieval language, literature, history, and religion can be combined to form a minor. Undergraduate students are also welcome to attend the International Congress on Medieval Studies held annually at WMU.

The Minor Program

Image of the grill of an old car pronouncing Kalamazoo the Celery City Students with an undergraduate minor must complete twenty-four hours of coursework to include the following:

  1. Medieval 1450, Heroes and Villains of the Middle Ages (3 hrs.)
  2. History 3600, Medieval World (3 hrs.)
  3. Eighteen additional hours of coursework selected from the list below, with the approval of the Director. The student should take care that the courses selected represent the interdisciplinary nature of Medieval Studies; therefore, a maximum of two courses from each category may be credited toward the minor.

Approved Courses for the Undergraduate Minor

Fine Arts

  • Art 3830, History of Medieval Art (3 hrs.)
  • Music 5170, Collegium Musicum (1 hr.)
  • Music 5850, Medieval Music (2 hrs.)

Religion and Philosophy

  • Philosophy 3000, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (4 hrs.)
  • Religion 5000, *Historical Studies in Religion (2-4 hrs.)
  • Religion 5100, *Comparative Studies in Religion (2-4 hrs.)

Language and Literature

  • English 4100, *Special Topics in Literature (4 hrs.)
  • English 5300, Medieval Literature (3 hrs.)
  • English 5550, *Studies in Major Writers (3 hrs.)
  • French 5600, *Advanced Readings in French (3 hrs.)
  • Language 3750, *Foreign Literature in English Translation (3 hrs.)
  • Latin 5600, Medieval Latin (4 hrs.)
  • Spanish 5600, *Studies in Spanish Literature (3 hrs.)


  • History 5500, Studies in Medieval History (3 hrs.)

* when appropriate


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