Fritz AllhoffFritz Allhoff

Associate Professor | Department of Philosophy
Director | Medical Humanities Workgroup
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, J.D., University of Michigan Law School

Biomedical Ethics; Philosophy of Medicine; Philosophy of Biology

fritz [dot] allhoff [at] wmich [dot] edu | website

David CharltonDavid Charlton

Instructor | Department of Philosophy
Associate Director | Medical Humanities Workgroup
M.A., Western Michigan University

Biomedical Ethics; Religious Perspectives on Medicine and Death

david [dot] charlton [at] wmich [dot] edu

Julie ApkerJulie Apker

Associate Professor | School of Communication
Ph.D., University of Kansas

Health and Organizational Communication; Health Professional Roles and Relationships; Professional Identity

julie [dot] apker [at] wmich [dot] edu

Leigh Ford

Director | School of Communication
Ph.D., Purdue University

Health Communication, Health Information

leigh [dot] ford [at] wmich [dot] edu

Chien-Juh Gu

Assistant Professor | Department of Sociology
Ph.D., Michigan State University

Sociology of Mental Health, Gender and Mental Health, Medical Sociology

chien-juh [dot] gu [at] wmich [dot] edu

Janet Hahn

Coordinator | Center for Gerontology
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Decision Making for Long-Term care; Cross-Cultural Approaches to Autonomy; Cultural Sensitivity

janet [dot] hahn [at] wmich [dot] edu

Mary LagerweyMary Lagerwey

Professor | School of Nursing
Ph.D., Michigan State University, M.S.N., Michigan State University

Social History of Medicine; Medicine and Gender; Community Health

mary [dot] lagerwey [at] wmich [dot] edu

Donald J. Meyer

Professor and Chair | Department of Economics
Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Risk and Risk Aversion, Insurance Demand, and Health Economics

donald [dot] meyer [at] wmich [dot] edu

Ann Miles

Professor | Departments of Anthropology and Sociology
Ph.D., Syracuse University

Medical Anthropology, Women’s Illness Narratives, Commodification of Medicine

ann [dot] miles [at] wmich [dot] edu

Michael PritchardMichael S. Pritchard

Professor | Department of Philosophy
Co-Director | Center for the Study of Ethics in Society
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Professional Ethics; Research Ethics; Ethics in Pre-College Science

michael [dot] pritchard [at] wmich [dot] edu

Edward Roth

Associate Professor | School of Music
M.M., Colorado State University

Neuromusicology; Neurologic Music Therapy; Spirituality and Health

edward [dot] roth [at] wmich [dot] edu

Eve Salisbury

Professor | Department of English
Ph.D., University of Rochester

Medicine and Sickness in Literature

eve [dot] salisbury [at] wmich [dot] edu

Paul SolomonPaul Solomon

Associate Professor | Frostic School of Art
M.F.A., Ohio State University

Visual Perception, Psychiatric Disorders, Cognitive Processing, Art and Medicine

paul [dot] solomon [at] wmich [dot] edu

Susan R. Stapleton

Associate Professor | Department of Biological Sciences
Dean | Graduate College
Ph.D., Miami University

Research Ethics; STEM Education

susan [dot] stapleton [at] wmich [dot] edu

Bilinda Straight

Associate Professor | Department of Anthropology
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Medical Anthropology, Gender Issues, Emotional Health

bilinda [dot] straight [at] wmich [dot] edu

Luis Toledo-PereyraLuis Toledo-Pereyra

Director of Clinical Research | Western Michigan University School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor | Department of History
M.D., National University of Mexico, Ph.D., University of Minnesota

History of Medicine/Surgery; Medical Humanities

luis [dot] toledo [at] med [dot] wmich [dot] edu

Cindy Visscher

Faculty Specialist | Department of Comparative Religion
Ph.D., Western Michigan University, M.B.A., Grand Valley State University

Religion and Health Care Practices, Religious Belief and Health Status

cynthia [dot] j [dot] visscher [at] wmich [dot] edu

Daneen Wardrop

Professor | Department of English
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Nursing and Literature

daneen [dot] wardrop [at] wmich [dot] edu

Brian C. Wilson

Professor | Department of Comparative Religion
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara

Religious Approaches to Medicine; Spiritual and Religious Healing

brian [dot] c [dot] wilson [at] wmich [dot] edu