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photo of Ann VeeckAnn Veeck

Ann Veeck, Professor of Marketing (Marketing), (MBA Program)

PhD: Louisiana State University 
MBA: University of Georgia

Office: 3148 Schneider Hall
Phone: (269) 387-6140
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Dr. Ann Veeck's teaching and research interests include marketing research, food consumption patterns, and international marketing.

Funded by a National Security Education Program (NSEP) graduate fellowship, Veeck’s dissertation, “Changing Tastes: Purchase Choice in Urban China,” involved a year’s period of fieldwork in Nanjing, China, during the 1995-96 academic year.

She has worked as a marketing research analyst for Kraft Inc. in Chicago and Frank Small Associates in Taipei, Taiwan.

Veeck has spent over three years since 1985 in various cities in Asia, including Yangzhou, Harbin, Beijing, Nanjing, Taipei, and Seoul. Veeck’s ongoing research in East Asia examines the changing consumption and retail patterns of the region, with an emphasis on the restructuring of food systems. Veeck's publications include articles in World Development, the Journal of Segmentation in Marketing, the Asian Journal of Marketing and the Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing, as well as numerous conference proceedings. She is a member of the Association of Consumer Research, the American Marketing Association, and the Association of Asian Studies.