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photo of Barcley JohnsonBarcley Johnson

Barcley Johnson, Professor of Management

BA: Western Michigan University 
MBA: with honors from the University of Chicago

Office: 3345 Schneider Hall
Phone: (269) 387-5515
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Professor Barcley Johnson teaches many core business and entrepreneur courses. He is a graduate of the Haworth College of Business, followed by graduate studies at University of Notre Dame and MBA with honors from the University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business. He joined the department faculty in 1998 at the WMU Southwest Michigan campus and has become a valuable asset to the college.

Johnson’s educational focus and research include the study of failure, venture and angel capital, new venture valuation methodology, and all things entrepreneurial. He is heavily involved in community activities such as the Rotary and St Joseph-Benton Harbor Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce.

The most significant business educational experience for Johnson was working as a young man at the City Limits Dairy Farm owned by his grandparents - with hands on learning from auctions to the laws of the harvest. This experience always trumped books and lectures.

Johnson owns several businesses including a consulting corporation. He lives in St. Joseph with his wife and children.