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All students will complete a minimum of 12 courses (36 credit hours.) Students with no prior business courses may need to complete up to 4 additional courses (12 credit hours). You have some flexibility in establishing the sequence of courses. Scheduling requirements and some recommendations for course sequencing are presented below.

Proficiency Requirements

Business Core (Prerequisite) Courses

The Business Core (Prerequisite) courses may be waived for students who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or have completed relevant course work. Course descriptions are available in the online catalog.

ACTY 6010: Accountancy
FIN 6020: Corporate Finance
ECON 6010: Basic Economic Analysis
LAW 6040: Legal, Regulatory, and Political Aspects of Business

Business Context (Required) Courses

BUS 6150: Global Business
BUS 6160: Law, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
BUS 6180: Information Technology Management

Functional Core (Required) Courses

ACTY 6110: Managerial Accounting
FIN 6120: Financial Management
MKTG 6130: Customer-Driven Marketing Management
MGMT/MKTG 6140: Supply Chain and Process Management
MGMT 6170: Leading People and Organizations

Integrative Business Solutions (Required) Course

BUS 6990: Strategic Management

Concentrations and Electives