Spring 2012 Events

The activites below took place during the Spring 2012 semester as part of a joint program between the Math Club @ WMU and the mathematics honors society Pi Mu Epsilon. Unless otherwise stated, events were held in the Alavi Commons Room on the 6th floor of Everett Tower.

Every Wednesday at noon
Brown Bag Lunch in the Alavi Commons
All students, staff, and faculty are invited!

Friday, January 20, 4pm
"Math and Poetry: Unexpected Connections"
Professor Art White, Department of Mathematics, WMU
Pizza Party to follow

Friday, January 27, 4pm
Hondatron: An Amateur Electric Vehicle Conversion
Professor Paul Pancella, Dept. of Physics, WMU
Location: Rood 1118

Friday, February 3, 4pm
Python Workshop
Thomas Lake, Student, Computer Science Department, WMU

Friday, February 10, 4pm
Maple Workshop
Professor Jay Treiman, Department of Mathematics, WMU
Location: 3396 Rood Hall Computer Lab

Friday, February 17, 4pm
Feedback Forum with the Chair
Professor Steve Ziebarth, Interim Chair
Share your ideas to make our department a better place!
Students only.

Friday, February 24, 4pm
LaTeX Workshop
Professor David Richter, Department of Mathematics, WMU
3396 Rood Hall Computer Lab

Friday, March 16, 4pm
On the Party Problem and Other Fascinating Putnam Questions
Dr. Andrzej Dudek, Department of Mathematics, WMU

Friday, March 23, 4pm
Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Systems
Professor Frank Severance, Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering, WMU

Friday, March 30, 4pm
Math and the Geosciences: Numerical Simulation Models
Earl Yetman, Department of Geosciences, WMU

Saturday, April 7
Pi Mu Epsilon Initiation Ceremony and Banquet

Friday, April 13, 4pm
The Reals, Complexes, Quaternions, and On!
Adriane Ware, Dept. of Mathematics, WMU

Friday, April 20, 4pm
Business Meeting, Dinner and a Movie
Movie: Presidential Debate
Addresses the burning question: Which mathematical concept should be the next president of the United States of Mathematics?
Featuring Colin Adams and Thomas Garrity
Produced by the Mathematical Association of America

Spring 2012 Officers

Joseph Walsh Adriane Ware

Joseph Walsh

Adriane Ware


Vice President

Richard Hollister Josh Withee

Richard Hollister

Josh Withee



Vasilije Perovic Shelley Speiss

Vasilije Perovic

Shelley Speiss

Graduate Representatives

Faculty Advisors

Niloufer Mackey Melinda Koelling

Niloufer Mackey

Melinda Koelling


Pi Mu Epsilon Scholarship Committee

Steve Mackey Jay Wood

Steve Mackey

Jay Wood


Chapter History

Our chapter was established in 1988. Before a chapter can be established at an institution, the PME National Council requires clear evidence of an ongoing history of student mathematical activity outside the classroom, and adequate support for these activities.

We were the fifth chapter to be established in Michigan, and hence were assigned the fifth letter of Greek alphabet: epsilon. Thus, our official name is:

The Michigan Epsilon Chapter
of Pi Mu Epsilon