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Department of Mathematics

Welcome Students!

MathXL is an interactive website where you can:

  • Receive step-by-step help to solve math problems.
  • Self-test & work through practice exercises to improve your math skills.
  • Study more efficiently with a personalized study plan and exercises that match your book.
  • Get help when YOU need it. MathXL includes multimedia learning aids, like videos and animations.

Before You Begin:  To register for MathXL you will need:

  • A MathXL student access code (packaged with your new text, standalone at your bookstore, or available for purchase with a major credit card at
  • Your school’s zip code: ____49008_____
  • A valid Western Michigan University email address
  • Your Course ID (note that you can paste the Course ID if you click on "Switch to single box for pasting your Course ID".)

Student Registration:

  • Go to and click the Student button under “Register”. If you have an acess code (either purchased stand alone or packaged with your textbook), click "Yes, I have an access code." If you need to purchase access, click “No, I need to buy access.”
  • Please read all information in the License Agreement and Privacy Policy.  Click on "I Accept" if you agree to the terms.
  • On the Access Information screen, you will be asked whether you all ready have a Pearson Education Account. Click:
    • "YES" if you have registered for other Pearson online products and already have a login name and password.  Boxes will appear for you to enter your login information.
    • "NOT SURE" if you want to check if you have a pre-existing account and recieve an e-mail with oyur login name and password. 
    • "NO" if this is the first time you have registered for a Pearson online product.  Boxes will appear for you to create your login name and password.  You may want to use your email address as your login name.  If you do not use your email address, be prepared with a second login name choice if the one you first selected is already in use.  Your login name must be at least 4 characters and can not be the same as your password.
  • Type in your student Access Code using the tab key to move from one box to the next.  Click Next after you have entered your code.
  • Simply follow the registration screens and enter your information as prompted. You will enter you name, e-mail address, school information and provide a security question/answer to ensure the privacy of your account.
  • When your registration process is complete you will see a confirmation screen (this information will also be e-mailed to you). Click Log In Now to reach the MathXL login  page.  Enter your login name and password and click on Log In.

Logging In:

  • Go to, enter the login name and password you just created, and click Log In.
  • The first time you log in to MathXL, you have the option of either enrolling in your instructor's online course or studying on your own. (You can change this setting later if you wish.) Click the Enroll in a New Course button.
  • Your instructor has set up a course for you, so select "I am taking a course that is using MathXL and need to enroll in my instructor’s course" and then enter your Course ID in the fields provided. Note that you can paste your Course ID if you click on "Switch to single box for pasting your Course ID".

  • Click the Enroll button.
  • Run the Browser Check or Instalation Wizard to install any plug-ins or players your computer needs to run MathXL. After completing the instalation process, and closing the wizard you will be on your course home page!.

Need help?
Contact Product Support at for live CHAT, email or phone support (1-800-677-6337 Monday-Friday 8am to 10pm; Sunday 5pm to 12am). If at anytime you forget your login name or password, go to and click "Forgot login/password" to have it e-mailed to you!

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