Welcome to the WMU Department of Mathematics ALEKs pilot

You have an opportunity to participate in the pilot of a new placement tool at WMU. Participation is voluntary. We are asking you to invest your time in the ALEKS placement tool to improve your success at WMU.

If you choose to participate in this pilot, there will be no disadvantage to your math placement. If you would like to attempt to change your math placement using ALEKS, you must take a proctored version of the placement exam. Please see ALEKS math placement exam instructions. If you decide against using the ALEKS placement tool and the information it provides, your math course placement will be based on your SAT/ACT math score. If your SAT/ACT score places you differently from what your proctored ALEKS exam score suggests you may choose the placement for which you feel most prepared.

Aleks placement cut-offs

To view the cut-off scores and course placement click here.

Getting started with aleks

Go to the ALEKS website and follow the directions in the screenshots below.

ALEKS website log in page

Enter this course code, RDUCH-MLHND, in the area circled in red below on the student sign up page.

Please confirm enrollment information as directed below.

When logging in the first time, select "I have never used ALEKS...". Select "I have an ALEKS login name" for subsequent log-ins.

ALEKS website welcome page

To gain access to the course, select Purchase access online.

ALEKS website student registration page

Complete the student registration below. Do not forget to agree to the terms of service and print a copy for your reference.

ALEKS website registration information page

Verify that your order information is correct and select the Payment button.

ALEKS website review order and payment page

On this screen you will enter your credit card information and then select Place Order.

ALEKS website credit card information page

Contact information

For questions about ALEKS technical issues or mathematics placement contact Steven Culver, Department of Mathematics, (269) 387-4517.

For questions regarding the impact of math placement on your course schedule, contact an advisor in the academic advising office of the college that houses your major.