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Meet with a Department Advisor

Transfer students should meet with a designated mathematics advisor as soon as possible. Contact the main math office at (269) 387-4510 and ask for an advisor for your chosen major. You and the advisor will develop a formal program which takes into consideration all the previous coursework as summarized on your Credit Evaluation Report from the Admissions Office. If your Credit Evaluation Report indicates that some classes are eligible for transfer credit by departmental recommendation only or as math credit only, please bring your Credit Evaluation Report and a copy of the syllabus or a catalog description, listing topics covered in the course, to your advising appointment. Your credits generally can be evaluated within a week.

Meet with a College Advisor
Transfer students should also schedule an appointment with a College advisor.

The University has pre-approved courses from Michigan community colleges that have agreements with WMU. A transfer credit evaluation will be done on your records upon admission to the University. Some courses will have the direct equivalent course noted on your transfer credit evaluation slip. Other courses will have a notation "CBDRO" (Credit By Department Recommendation Only). See the specific department to determine which course, if any, you may be able to receive credit for. We make every attempt to match the transfer courses with those at WMU. However, due to the wide variety of courses available at colleges and universities across the nation not every course has a direct equivalent. If you have any questions about the transferability of a course please make an appointment to see an advisor and bring whatever information you can find about the course with you (i.e. a course syllabus or catalog description).

Transferring Courses

The transfer credit web site lists courses which fulfill the general education proficiency, distribution areas and LEC core.

Transfer credits for Michigan community colleges can be checked by curriculum, major and minor advisors.

Transfer credit for courses from Michigan 4-year Colleges or out-of-state institutions must first be checked by the credit evaluators in the Admissions Office. Request an official transcript from each of the colleges or universities from which you are transferring credits and have them sent to the attention of a credit evaluator in the Office of Admissions.

Applicability of any coursework which does not receive exact numerical equivalency to WMU courses must be approved for use in any major, minor, or LEC/General Education requirement by the appropriate advisor.

You must obtain a "C" or higher for any course to transfer to WMU.

Western will send you a Credit Evaluation Report itemizing the courses you want to transfer, in order, from each college/university, and how they transfer to WMU. Any course that transfers as Credit By Departmental Recommendation Only (CBDRO) can be further assessed by the Departmet of Mathematics advisor. To have the courses evaluated further, deliver the following items to your math advisor:

  • Transfer Credit Evaluation Report
  • A copy of the course description for each course you want evaluated.






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