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There is a growing need for people who can combine knowledge of mathematics and science to formulate and solve practical problems. The intent of the Applied Mathematics Option is to provide a broad range of computational and analytical skills, practice in mathematical modeling, and some fundamental knowledge of a scientific discipline. Computational and applied mathematicians are employed in a variety of positions in industry, business, and government.

Students must complete one of the following minors:

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Statistics

Students should select their minor in the area in which they intend to apply their mathematical talents, and then they should select electives that are particularly suited to the problems in that area.

The General Mathematics Major is the most flexible mathematics major offered at Western. By careful selection of electives, students may combine this major with interests in both the natural and social sciences. Students have even used this major to prepare for law school. The General Mathematics Major provides excellent preparation for graduate study in mathematics. In addition to a strong background in mathematics, this program stresses vigorous logical thinking and communication of abstract concepts.

The Secondary Teaching of Mathematics Major combines theoretical mathematics with teaching techniques. This program is designed for students planning to teach in junior or senior high schools. With the current national focus on improving mathematics education, this is a strong major for students interested in a career in education. The major has recently been tailored to meet the modern secondary school curriculum. Background in computer usage, statistics and applications of mathematics are included.


Graduation with Honors

This recognizes special achievement beyond a normal major program. To graduate with honors a student must maintain a 3.70 GPA in Mathematics and a 3.25 GPA overall and must have taken two of the following courses:

  • an honors seminar,

  • a theoretical course selected from Math 530, 570, 580, or an approved 600 level course,
  • an approved Math 599 course (independent study project leading to a paper or presentation).

Interested students should see the associate chairperson to plan their "honors program" in their junior year.




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