Graduate Academics

 WMU Graduate College

Six year schedule of 4000+ courses

Doctorates are awarded in:

  • mathematics
  • mathematics education

Master's programs include:

  • applied mathematics
  • mathematics
  • mathematics education.

Why should I attend WMU?

Our department is a small, friendly community with open and accessible professors. Our graduate students receive a considerable amount of individualized attention and encouragement from the faculty. Being a graduate student at Western Michigan provides ample opportunities to gain experience in teaching, supervising undergraduate research, interning with local firms, and participating on committees. Our graduate experience provides a student with well-rounded career training.

Will I be able to find employment after graduating?
Graduate students from WMU have been very successful in finding employment. For example, we have doctoral graduates in tenured or tenure-track positions at Cal State, Emory, Iowa State, Kansas, South Florida, and UNLV. One of our graduates has had a post-doc at Columbia University. Our doctoral graduates are well prepared for a career in academia.

Doctorates can also find positions outside of academia. A recent report by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics indicates about 25 percent of math Ph.D.'s and 44 percent of master's graduates have positions in either government or industry. Mathematicians and statisticians are sought because of their ability to think analytically, deal with complexity, develop models, and formulate and solve problems. Mathematicians and statisticians are employed by companies in engineering research, computer services, software, electronics, aerospace, transportation, insurance, financial services, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and others.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Membership
Graduate students are eligible for free membership in SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics). Membership in such an organization provides a window to the field of mathematics outside WMU. Additional benefits include discounts on books and deeply discounted or free subscriptions to journals. For further information and a link to the application form go to




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