Calculator Advice

The following courses require a graphing calculator. In some, a specific model is required. In the rest, recommended models are given.

For the lowest level courses, get the model you will eventually need in a later course (e.g., a student in MATH 1100 who will eventually take MATH 1160 should get a TI-83/84, but a student in MATH 1100 who will eventually take MATH 1500 should get a TI-73.)




MATH 1090 any *model required in later courses
MATH 1100

any *model required in later courses
MATH 1110 any *model required in later courses
MATH 1140 any TI-83/84 Plus
MATH 1160 TI-83/84 or TI-83/84 Plus  
MATH 1180 any TI-83/84 Plus, TI-89 or higher
MATH 1220 any TI-89 or higher
MATH 1230 any TI-89 or higher
MATH 1700 TI-89 or higher  
MATH 1710 TI-89 or higher  
MATH 1500 TI-73  
MATH 1510 TI-73  
MATH 2000 any TI-83/84 Plus
MATH 2650 TI-73  
MATH 2720 any  TI-89 or higher
MATH 3510 TI-92, Voyage 200  
MATH 3740 any  TI-89 or higher
MATH 5540, 5550 TI-73  

Note: The TI-83 (not Plus), TI-86, TI-92 and the TI-92 Plus are no longer manufactured. Certainly these older calculators may still be used in courses allowing “any”.
*Students in MATH 1100 will typically take MATH 1140 (for general education credit), MATH 1160 (for business), MATH 1500 (for elementary education), or MATH 1110 (if going on to other higher mathematics courses).

*Students in MATH 1110 will typically be going on to MATH 1180 (for eventual Calculus) or MATH 2000 (brief Calculus).
The designation “TI-89 or higher” indicates the TI-89 (including the Titanium), TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200.  We consider these to be functionally equivalent for courses in pre-calculus and calculus, and all will be allowed.  However Secondary Mathematics Education Majors and Minors should purchase a Voyage 200 calculator for the geometry application to be used in MATH 3510.





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