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photo of Marcel ZondagMarcel Zondag

Marcel Zondag, Assistant Professor of Marketing

PhD: University of Tennessee 
MBA: University of Tennessee 
JD: Erasmus University Roderdam 

Office: 3272 Schneider Hall
Phone: (269) 387-5998
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Dr. Zondag's research, teaching, and consulting interests are sales and marketing management for the food and consumer packaged goods industry.

Specifically, Dr. Zondag research focuses on the marketing and supply chain aspects of Shopper Marketing, globalization of the consumer goods industry, and in-store execution issues; also described as the "last 50 yards" of the supply chain. The central theme of Dr. Zondag's work is demand-supply integration, a cooperative approach to marketing, supply chain management, and category management.

Dr. Zondag entered academia after a twenty-year career in the aerospace & defense industry, working (and living) in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Born in the Netherlands, Dr. Zondag obtained a law degree (JD) from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.