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Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing

Thinking about a major in Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing? Learn more about the requirements for a BBA by contacting a faculty advisor, reviewing the program catalog or exploring information from the career center.

What can I expect from an Food and CPG Marketing major?

Review the requirements for the food and CPG marketing major in the WMU catalog.

Check out additional resources from The Career Center about the food and CPG marketing major.

Which student organizations should I join?

Food Marketing Association: Western Michigan University's Food Marketing Association facilitates interaction between food industry company representatives and students, and also provides opportunities for networking among members. By focusing on the long-term goals of business students and the needs of employers, the Food Marketing Association strives to create community and opportunities for student success. FMA sponsors several guest speakers, seminars, and industry tours throughout the academic year. The topics covered include industry trends, technology, career opportunities and possible career paths.

Sigma Phi Omega: Sigma Phi Omega is a professional business fraternity dedicated to establishing relationships between our members and the food & consumer packaged goods industries. The members of Sigma Phi Omega form a brotherhood of over fifty active members and alumni to promote professional development and lasting friendships. Because Sigma Phi Omega is a brother hood, its members value the importance of honesty, sincerity, and humility. These attributes are developed during the membership process and are shown throughout the fraternity by leadership and cooperation among its officers and members.

Other marketing related organizations that also may be of interest to students.

What can I expect from a food marketing career?

FMK Career DayFood & CPG marketing graduates engage provide variedl functions to achieve organizational success—decision-making.

Check out additional resources from The Career Center about food & CPG marketing careers.

Transfer Student Information

Students thinking about transferring to the Haworth College of Business should review the transfer guides for their community college and contact an academic advisor.