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Advertising and Promotion

Advertising Thinking about a major in advertising? Learn more about the requirements for a BBA in Advertising by contacting a faculty advisor, reviewing the program catalog or exploring information from the career center.

What can I expect from an advertising major?

The Advertising and Promotion major attracts creative, strategically minded students and provides them with an interactive education that ensures they will have the skills and knowledge necessary for success. The program stresses the integrated marketing communication concept and teaches students the process of developing and planning a campaign starting with market research, developing objectives, formulating media and creative strategies and executing tactics that are both relevant and effective for a target audience.

Review the requirements for the advertising & promotion major in the WMU catalog.

Check out additional resources from The Career Center about the advertising major.

Which student organizations should I join?


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Lancendorfer

The WMU AdClub is dedicated to providing

The WMU AdClub is also a collegiate chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the largest and oldest advertising trade association in the U.S., representing 50,000 professionals in the industry (

Other marketing related organizations also may be of interest to students.

What can I expect from an advertising career?

Advertising & Promotion majors typically follow varied career paths, primarily in one of the following five areas:

Check out additional resources from The Career Center about advertising careers.

Transfer Student Information

Students thinking about transferring to the Haworth College of Business should review the transfer guides for their community college and contact an academic advisor.