The website is back up

This whole procedure about the website going down is getting so consistent, I should really start throwing a party with cupcakes and ice cream weekly to honor the lost bandwidth.

Apparently this site has a 1 GB file limit which I found out yesterday when I was doing some routine backups.  Reaching that file limit corrupted the existing files and thankfully I was able to restore from a backup I made on Tuesday and now all is well.  I try to tell people to always backup their digital data and hopefully I can lead by example because this could have been a huge pain if I didn’t practice good backing up practices.  After getting in touch with OIT a few times yesterday and finding out the solution was so simple, I now feel like Gary Oldman.


Anyway, I have decided to have all onsite backups be from the current month and all other backups will be offsite.  Now I know.