June Updates

Hi everyone! I have made a few changes that may seem noteworthy.

I normally make updates when there is a problem that causes some sort of outage  but because I really have not had one of those issues since April, I figured I could make an update talking about good things.  I know, it may sound boring that “Oh things are going well so I guess there can be an update” but I am pretty excited there really has not been any issues.

Anyway, on to the changes.  First off, fans of the history page it is back!  It is under the top bar item History and can be drilled down from that page.  Since there is some information introducing some of the links, I will not be putting the individual categories under the menu at this time.

Also, some of the pages use an updated calendar program so it is a bit easier to navigate.  The main schedule is a basic list that shows dates and times but I found on mobile it wasn’t very easy to use.  I don’t know about anyone else in the band but I don’t carry around a laptop when I’m marching just to check the time or random information.  That is why I have my phone.

I think I’m pretty much done with updating theme colors at this point, I want to look into a new theme but that won’t be any time soon.

Also, anyone interested in watching the drumline perform in fieldhouse can head over to the Drumline About Page to see a sweet youtube video.