About The Drumline

The Bronco Drumline is a big part of football game days in Kalamazoo MI. Playing in multiple locations during game day its difficult to miss the drumline or the 300 member Bronco Marching Band. The Bronco Drumline strives each year to reach a goal of excellence in performance. Being a member of the drumline requires a strong dedication to individual work, and a trustworthiness to be personally accountable for your own excellence.

At the start of the auditions you are expected to have digested all the material in the packet. This material includes exercises, drum cheers, stand cheers, cadence series, as well as all pre-game material. On top of this, there is brand new show music and drill for each home game.

The Bronco Drumline instrumentation varies from year to year.  The 2011 line included 7 snares, 5 tenors, 3 tri toms, 5 basses, and 7 cymbals. For the 2012 season, the Bronco Drumline will no longer use Tri-toms. The drumline’s 2012 percussion captain is Kevin Levandoski. The instructional staff for 2012 consists of Landon EwersCasey Spring, Kyle Gulau Mark Lopez, and Nick Brasch.

Membership in the Marching Band and the drumline is open to all interested students. Like all other band ensembles, Marching Band is an academic class taken for credit. All interested students are invited to auditions for the band. The majority of Marching Band members are from other academic disciplines.

Due to the competive nature of the activity, having only a limited number of spots, and having a great deal of people audition for the 2012 season we are restructuring our Alternate program.

The WMU Drumline Alternate Program is designed to provide percussionists an opportunity to improve their rudimental drumming skills by association with the WMU Bronco Drumline and its instructional staff. If a position on the drumline becomes vacated during the marching band season, alternates will be prepared to fill that position pending a successful audition with other drumline alternates.

Alternates WILL…

  • receive class credit
  • be in attendance of all Bronco Drumline rehearsals and performances not including sectionals (though attending extra Bronco Drumline rehearsals outside of regularly scheduled rehearsals in an observer capacity is encouraged)
  • receive instruction from BMB drum staff
  • prepare all Bronco Drumline repertoire
  • learn Pre Game and Halftime drill in a “shadow” position on a rotational basis as determined by staff during band camp and class time rehearsals
  • rehearse on an individual and small group basis during regularly scheduled class times
  • fill vacant spots in the drumline during rehearsals and games as appropriate and determined by staff
  • be fitted for a uniform in the event the opportunity to join the drumline to fill a vacancy presents itself
  • assist staff with drumline logistics by facilitating maintenance and transportation of equipment
  • attend morning Game Day rehearsals dressed in Bronco Band rehearsal “secondary” uniforms ready to participate in rehearsal if necessary
  • attend all WMU home and away games where the BMB is performing dressed in professional attire (NOT in a BMB uniform) as determined by staff

Alternates WILL NOT…

  • participate in Game Day warm ups or performances with the Bronco Drumline
  • perform in parades or the Season in Review Show

For additional information about the drumline please visit the Frequently Asked page, or email us your question from the contact us page.