Drumline Audition Information

We are hosting a winter help session for students who are wishing to get an early start and more individualized instruction. This help session will be held at Dalton March 1st. This is optional and is designed to help with the audition material. May 2nd and May 9th are the days of the actual audition, both days are required, please do not plan for one day or the other. Full information about dates, times and procedure is available here.
Anyone with questions should contact Mr. Landon Ewers, BMB percussion coordinator, at landon_ewers@yahoo.com.

The full schedule is available at the Drumline Schedule Page. Please note that days in the spring and summer may be subject to change.

Auditions will be based on the 2015 BMB Drumline Course Pack. Cost is $20. Course packs will be available starting February 20th. Orders can be made through the BMB office and the link below. This is the only cost of the audition.

Order information for the 2015 BMB Drumline Course Pack

Register for audition and other events