All of the website issues are fixed…again

Hi everyone! Sorry for the outage/lack of features for the past 4 or so days. In my last post, I mentioned I had to upload database files in chunks (which was a pain) but luckily the next day, OIT had fixed the issue associated with that problem. Unfortunately around that same time, it completely broke the ability for me to edit and make posts. I’ll spare the sob story and say that the lack of www in front of the was pretty much the problem. It wasn’t an issue 4ish days ago but it is now. Since this took me two minutes to fix, I pretty much feel like this:


On another note, I am now running an exact clone of the marching band site as it was on my test server rather than something that I wasn’t sure fully worked so I have that going for me which is nice. I also would like to point out that I only uploaded one database file instead of 46. That makes me feel pretty good.

On an ending note, I am looking for a good picture showing our color guard in action.  I’ve found a few pictures but my pickings are a bit slim.  If anyone has a few cool images of the colorguard, I would greatly appreciate you contacting the webmaster from the Contact Page.

9:54AM March 11th, 2014 Edit: Turns out all of my problems existed because Western now requires admins who are making some changes to VPN to campus. If the www issue did legitimately exist, it wasn’t the only problem. The gif still applies to how I feel.