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The MAE Merit Scholarship Award

Guidelines for MAE Merit Scholarships - Spring semester

The objectives of MAE Merit Scholarships are:

  1. To attract meritorious students into Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering undergraduate programs.
  2. To retain and encourage the students with excellent academic performance in these programs.

The funds for these scholarships were obtained from the differential tuition being implemented at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences in January 2013 (spring).

Selection Criteria:

Sophomore/Junior/Senior: Fall semester

  1. A minimum GPA of  3.0  (at the time of application)
  2. Application should include
    1. a. Resume (one page maximum)

      b. Endorsement of the application  from  a  MAE faculty  member (preferred) or a Science/Math professor if you have not taken MAE course yet.

      c. Essay on career objectives and goals  (one page maximum)

  3. Transfer credits can also be counted while making the decision.  International students on twinning programs will have to provide copies of their academic transcripts. 
  4. Endorcements for transfer students may be from faculty at the previous institution.
  5. Students must re-apply every year.
  6. All students enrolled in the Mechanical or Aeronspace Engineering undergraduate program are eligible to apply.  
  7. Undecided pre-engineering students may also apply.  However, they would have to enroll in the mechanical/aeronautical engineering program prior to the final award of the scholarship.
  8. No separate recommendation letter required.
  9. Once selected these scholarships will be given for Fall and Spring semesters. No need to reapply for the following Spring semester. Applications will be collected only once per year.

Facts to know…

10. Each scholarship is for $1,000/semester.  Number of Scholarships will depend on the total funds available.  The total amount of scholarship dollars awarded within each program should be approximately proportional to the number of students enrolled in that program.

11. Students with Medallion/Dean/Knight Scholarships are not eligible for these scholarships

12. For financial need-based scholarships, please contact the MAE Office.

13. Last date for the submission of applications:   April 8.

Application Form

The D. E. Bluman Memorial Award

Award given to an outstanding student in mechanical engineering who has demonstrated interest and ability in liberal studies. The award is given to a student with at least 30 hours at Western Michigan University and within 30 hours of graduation. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. The award is made during the winter semester and the amount varies. Information on the award is available in the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.

Application form

The Kalamazoo Antique Auto Restorers Club Scholarship

Awarded annually to students in the mechanical engineering curriculum with an option in automotive engineering and an interest in the restoration of classic cars. Awards are given to students with at least 30 hours completed toward their major and a 3.0 GPA. Two $500 awards are given during the winter semester. Award is not renewable. Apply to the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department.

Application Form

TowerPinkster Endowed Scholarship

For full-time junior or senior electrical or mechanical engineering students with an interest in environmental design and building. $500 award with an opportunity to apply for an internship at TowerPinkster. Applications are due January 31 for the current year and are available in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department offices (B-236 or F-234).

Application Form

Robert J. Mion Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Aerospace Engineering

Two  Scholarships ($1000 each per semester) available.  Undergraduate (junior/senior), Graduate students (Master/Ph.D) are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to graduate students who have focus on aeronautical/aerospace engineering or  those working on projects related to energy and environment or undergraduate students, who are planning to pursue graduate studies in aforementioned areas. The recipients shall have a minimum GPA of 3 at the time of application.

Format for applications:

  1. Graduate Students (Masters/Ph.D):

Personal information:  Contact (Address,  e-mail, Phone numbers) Educational qualifications:  Previous degree obtained, GPA, (please attach transcripts for at least one year preceding your current academic year),   Degree pursuing, anticipated graduation date, Research statement/abstract (maximum 2 pages), Recommendation letter by MAE faculty (one)

  1. Undergraduate students (Aerospace/Mechanical) –Junior/senior

Personal information:  Contact (Address,  e-mail, Phone numbers)
Educational qualifications:  Current GPA in the degree program,   (attach undergraduate transcripts),   Statement describing ‘why you want to go to graduate school?, Future career goals- maximum two pages), one letter of recommendation from MAE faculty