Facilities and Equipment


Reverberation Test Chamber

A reverberation chamber was purchased in the Fall of 1999. This chamber provides the WMU Noise and Vibration Laboratory with the capability to:

   1. Measure and compare total sound power of machinery according to standards commonly used in the industry.

   2. Test material sound absorption characteristics in a diffuse sound field.

This facility, which has been certified for testing in the frequency range of 125 Hz and above (internal dimensions of 21x15x9 feet), is located in room F-108 of the CEAS building. In order to prevent external sounds and vibrations from interfering with measurements conducted in this chamber, it is structurally isolated from the rest of the building via spring isolators. In addition, this test facility is supported by its own dedicated multi-channel data acquisition system purchased from Larson-Davis along with six TMS microphones, a Larson-Davis reference sound source, and a KEMAR head and torso simulator. Such capabilities routinely expose WMU students to state-of-the-art research and test procedures in acoustics as well as provide services for the local industry.


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