Applied Aerodynamics Laboratory

Flight Test Lab

The Flight Test Laboratory is one of the Applied Aerodynamics Laboratories at Western Michigan University. It is used to support AAE 459 - Flight Test Design and research. The laboratory is a modern airborne data-acquisition facility, equipped to flight-test customer aircraft components in the WMU Flight Test Cessna R182 or to conduct flight tests using the customer’s aircraft. The Flight Test Laboratory is available on a contract basis.


The Flight Test Aircraft Laboratory is equipped with:

  • Power (120 vac, 28 vdc, 24 vdc, 12 vdc, and 5 vdc)
  • A flexible data-acquisition system with 2 gigabytes of onboard data storage
  • Air-to-ground telemetry
  • A two-way UHF link to the ground facility

The Flight Test Laboratory includes equipment to measure:

  • Air data (angle of attack, angle of yaw, dynamic and atmospheric static pressures)
  • Accelerations (three axis)
  • Rates (roll, pitch, and yaw)
  • Pressure and temperature both inside and outside the fuselage
  • Control positions and forces.

The ground facility provides:

  • A complete electronics instrumentation laboratory
  • An engineering flight support station equipped with two-way radio communications, telemetry receiver, and data storage
  • Computer and software data analysis and presentation support
  • Hangar and maintenance support

Flight Test Aircraft

Flight Test Cessna R182 on the ramp

In the AAL Flight Test Hanger



Air Data Boom pitot/static head, mounted from the left wing tip

Air Data Boom yaw and angle of attach vanes, mounted from the left wing tip

Thrust cell (currently under development)

Stall Margin Research

The panel display and control for the Audible Stall Margin System

The lead edge pressure port for the Audible Stall Margin System



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