Pool Boiling With Water

The correlation between nucleate boiling and sound emission is under development in the ATS Lab at Western Michigan University. 

A stainless vessel was constructed to study pool boiling experiments with water.
A high-speed motion analyzer with a digital imager (Model CR2000) and a hydrophone system (Bruel & Khar Model 8103) deployed to study the bubble dynamics in connection with sound emission during pool boiling.
Pool Boiling with water on a copper heater with sound emission. Click on this pool boiling to see the motion picture (7.8MB).
A Copper Heater (one-inch diameter) developed in our laboratory.
A hydrophone (Bruel & Khar Model 8103) and a thermocouple probe are seen at distances above a copper heater (one-inch diameter).
Boiling Cavitation

A water vapor bubble reveals a water jet toward the surface during the collapse, which produces an intensive acoustic signal.

DC Power Supply (30KW) for Boiling Experiments.



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