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merati.jpg Parviz Merati, Professor and Chairperson
Phone: (269)276-3414
Office: F-260
Dr. Merati's home page

ari-gur.jpg Judah Ari-Gur, Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3419
Office: F-246
Dr. Ari-Gur's home page
  • Structural dynamics
  • Composite material structures
  • Finite-element modeling

pnina.gif Pnina Ari-Gur, Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3212
Office: F-241
Dr. Ari-Gur's home page

Cho.jpg Chris Cho, Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3422
Office: F-236
Dr. Cho's home page
  • Two phase flow
  • Laser doppler anemometry
  • Thermal fluid measurements
  • Heat Transfer Lab

no photo available Claudia M. Fajardo, Assistant Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3434
Office: G-225
Dr. Fajardo's home page

Ghantasala.jpg Muralidhar Ghantasala, Associate Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3388
Office: G-221
Dr. Ghantasala's Home page
  • Micro/Nano sensors and actuators
  • Microfluidics
  • Micro/Nano fabrication and replication
  • Thin film deposition and characterization

Hathaway.jpg Peter Gustafson, Assistant Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3423
Office: F-215
Dr. Gustafson's Homepage
  • Composite materials
  • Finite element modeling
  • Open/collaborative engineering

Jennifer Hudson, Assistant Professor
Phone: (269)276-3413
Office: G-220
Dr. Hudson's home page
  • Space flight dynamics and control
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Optimal control theory

Kamman.jpg James Kamman, Associate Professor
Phone: (269)276-3427
Office: G-222
Dr. Kamman's home page
  • Mechanical system dynamics
  • Towed marine system dynamics

Daniel Kujawski, Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3428
Office: F-242
Dr. Kujawski's home page
  • Advanced Materials Testing & Evaluation Laboratory
  • Computer-aided testing (CAT) of metals and composites.
  • Cyclic behavior, fatigue, and fracture: testing and modeling.
  • Damage characterization under low- and high-cycle fatigue.
  • Life prediction and durability enhancement.

Lee.jpg Hosung Lee, Professor
Phone: (269)276-3429
Office: G-215
Dr. Lee's home page

Kristina Lemmer, Assistant Professor
Phone: (269)276-3417
Office: G-229
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  • Experimental Plasmadynamics
  • Advanced spacecraft propulsion and electric propulsion
  • Plasma diagnostic development
  • Optical emission spectrometry
  • Hypersonic plasma interactions

Liou.jpg William W. Liou, Professor
Phone: (269)276-3430
Dr. Liou's home page
  • CFD in aero-propulsion
  • Fluid flow instability
  • Turbulence modeling and simulation

Liu.jpg Tianshu Liu, Professor
Phone: (269)276-3426
Dr. Liu's Resume
  • Aerodynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation Applied to Aerospace Engineering and Sciences

Koorosh Naghshineh, Professor and ME Graduate Advisor
Phone: (269) 276-3431
Office: G-226
Dr. Naghshineh's home page

Ro.jpg Kapseong Ro, Associate Professor
Phone: (269)276-3412
Office: G-220
Dr. Ro's Home Page
  • Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control
  • Flight Simulation & Research Flight Simulator
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Flexible Aircraft Modeling & Control Law Synthesis
  • Robust Control Theory & Applications to Aerospace System

Rameshwar Sharma, Associate Professor
Phone: (269)276-3437

Shrestha.jpg Bade Shrestha, S. O., Associate Professor
Phone: (269)276-3432
Office: G-218
Dr. Bade Shrestha’s Home Page

Tsang.jpg Edmund Tsang, Associate Dean
Phone: (269) 276-3249
Office: C-250
Dr. Tsang's Webpage

VanDenBrink.jpg Dennis VandenBrink, Associate Professor
Phone: (269) 276-3440
Office: F-247
Dr. VandenBrink's ME2570 page


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Guowei He

  • Turbulence Theory and Computational Modeling
  • Large Eddy Simulation
  • Bio-locomotion



Ann Mathis
Office Coordinator

Office: F-234
Phone: (269)276-3416

Erin Baker
Office Associate

Office: F-234
Phone: (269)276-3418

Peter Thannhauser
Lab Technician

Phone: (269)276-3415




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