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Adademic Advisors provide direction and clarification and help you make educated decisions as you think about enrolling in a program.

All advising is done in room E-102, Parkview Campus. To make an appointment with an advisor, call (269) 276-3270.

Undergraduate Advising

Aerospace Engineering Advising

Mrs. Rebecca Scheffers

Mechanical Engineering Advising

Ms. Lenore Yaeger

Graduate Advising

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Advising

Dr. Koorosh Naghshineh
ME Graduate Advisor



All graduate advising is done in room E-102 (Engineering Advising office).

Students MUST make an appointment at the above office by contacting (269) 276-3270

Download your copy of the ME Graduate brochure

Advising hours for Fall 2014 are Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00 pm. Please call or visit the Engineering Advising office for an appointment.

Engineering Advising office (E-102). To make an appointment call (269) 276-3270