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Designing and printing

Proper design of your mail piece can decrease your department costs, and expedite mail delivery free of surcharges. To assist you in your efforts our U.S. post office certified mail design specialists can visit your department and help you properly design your mail piece. Contact us at (269) 387-8812 or (269) 387-8817. The U.S. post office's design expert can be reached at (269) 353-5068.

In addition, all departments designing and contracting an outside printer to prepare and/or mail the mail piece, under the Western Michigan University non-profit permit number, must:

  1. Send a copy of the mail piece with department fund and cost for U.S. postage and special services form to the WMU mail center supervisor prior to the completion and mailing of the mail piece from the printer.
  2. Printing vendor complete two (2) copies of the postage statement (PS Form 3600-R or PS Form 3602-N): one for the U.S. Post Office and one to provide to the campus mail center. The fund and cost center will be written on the top of the form provided to the Campus Mail Center. This is to ensure that the design meets specifications to be mailed and to ensure that the proper funding cost is applied.
  3. Numerically sorted in zip code order and
    • sorting sticker affixed,
    • put in labeled mail trays,
    • and has the bulk mail postage statement fill out and finished.
    (A surcharge may be applied if any type of mailing is not zip code sorted.)
    A machinable mailing will be eligible for further postage cost savings if it is sorted:
    • numerically in zip code order according to the U.S. Post Office L801, three digit Automated Area Distribution Center (AADC) importation guide,
    • placed accordingly in labeled trays,
    • and the bulk mail postage statement filled out and finished.
    Assistance with this type of importation order is available by calling your mail center at 387-8812.