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Night of the Research Paper

Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 4-9 p.m.
Dwight B. Waldo Library

WMU Libraries wants to help students succeed in their research assignments. Night of the Research Paper” is a fall-themed event on Wed., November 5, 2014 from 4-9 pm at Waldo Library. Don’t be a research zombie! (Getting started early can help quell the fears) More

Professor and librarian Laurel Grotzinger celebrates 50 years with WMU

Dr. Grotzinger started her career teaching in the School of Library and Information Science, rising from assistant to full professor in just four years. Known for her research on women in librarianship she also became the school’s director, chair of the Graduate Studies Council, Graduate College Dean, and president of the Faculty Senate among other positions.

"I've served under six of the University's eight presidents. But I tell people I started at WMU when I was in kindergarten," Grotzinger says with a laugh. "The University has obviously been my life in many ways and has always presented opportunities to grow and to learn.

She was recently honored at University Libraries for her service to WMU. More on her career is in this news release in which another 50 year employee is also honored. Link

What's Waldo?

Waldo Library is highlighting 'What Waldo is all about' with a promotion of its services and resources for the new academic year. There are hundreds of services and millions of resources for the WMU community at Waldo and the three branch libraries: the Archives and Regional History Collections in the Zhang Legacy Center, the Maybee Music and Dance Library in Dalton, and the Swain Education Library in Sangren. Examples include: over 5 million items; individual help with research projects, 'Ask a Librarian' through text, chat, phone, or email; articles delivered by email. 

Start at the website with PowerSearch to search the libraries' catalog, talk to a research consultant (librarian) for help with your paper, and come in for study space and a cold pop. Waldo is open Sunday - Thursday until 3 am. Service desks close at midnight with self checkout available after midnight in the lobby.

'Waldo' will be in the lobby with bookmarks that highlight the services and materials. The photo is from the 2014 Bronco Bash featuring library staff promoting 'What's Waldo?' information.

Welcome New Associate Dean of Technology

May Chang is the new Associate Dean of Libraries Information Technology. She oversees many aspects of Library technology and technology services. Please welcome her to WMU. She is listed here in the directory with an office in Waldo library administrative offices.

Welcome New Business Librarian

LuMarie Guth is the new Business Librarian for WMU. She is the library liaison for all Haworth College of Business needs. Please welcome her to campus.  She is listed here in the directory with an office in Waldo Library.

Award Winning Conference Poster

Jason Glatz, Maps coordinator and a specialist GIS at University Libraries won a bronze metal at the Association of Research Libraries conference for a research poster titled "Using GIS to Facilitate Data-Driven Decision Making." Glatz also runs the mapping service at Waldo where the WMU community can have spatial data from their research conveyed in maps.

New Bronco Study Zone Located in Waldo Library

The area is on second floor, is open to any WMU student, and will be staffed Sunday through Thursday in the late afternoon and evening. Times will be posted at the location. Students wanting to improve their study habits can enter the zone and will receive academic support and coaching by zone staff. Study Zone info.

Join in the WMU conversation, Life of Pi, WMU Common Read

Pick up a copy of "Life of Pi" and join the University Common Read!  This book is being read by all First Year Experience students and will be accompanied by campus and community events taking place throughout the 2014-15 academic year.  Book kits complete with discussion guide are available at Waldo Library Circulation desk for your book group.

On Twitter - WMU Archives and Regional History Collections

Information from the Western's Archives and the Regional History Collections is now appearing on its Twitter feed. Tweets include items of historical note like this example: "On this day in 1957, Western Michigan College became Western Michigan University." Also, community events, regional history facts, and collection information are on the feed e.g. "Diaries - the quantified self tracking device of the 19th century - available to researchers at the WMU Archives."

Well-Marked Quiet Zones in University Libraries

Quiet zones are easier to locate

Students and other readers will find it easier to locate quiet study areas in Waldo Library and the Music and Dance Library. Updated library maps will designate the quiet zones and new signage is posted at the entry into those areas. New notations are also attached to study tables as reminders. Library users are asked to please respect those around them in these areas and keep noise to a minimum. For audio files being used on the computers there are ear buds available for purchase at the Waldo Library Copy Center, and the Music and Dance Library has many computers equipped with headphones. The Education Library in Sangren Hall has a separate quiet room with study tables.

The central stairwell is the designated cell phone area on all floors in Waldo and contains benches for phone conversations. Please note that Waldo and the WMU branch libraries are generally not designated as ‘Quiet Libraries’ so team meetings, tutoring, and other quiet talking are permitted/encouraged. Patrons seeking solitude should use the quiet zones.