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2011 News


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Aoi Yamanaka and Tammi RobertsAoi Yamanaka and Tammi Roberts recently presented at The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) conference in Denver, CO. Their presentation was entitled "Using Technology in Advising: Best Practices, Tools, and Tips." Aoi had received a travel grant from the Graduate College to support this presentation.

Posted December 16

Jianping ShenDr. Jianping Shen and his colleagues recently have the following articles published or in press.  One of them appears in American Educational Research Journal, a flagship journal by American Educational Research Association.

(a) Shen, J., & Xia, J. (available on-line on October 21, 2011). The relationship between teachers’ and principals’ power: Is it a win-win situation or zero-sum game?  International Journal of Leadership in Education. DOI:10.1080/13603124.2011.624643;

(b) Shen, J., Leslie, J.M., Spybrook, J.K., & Ma, X. (available on-line on October 25, 2011). Are principal background and school processes related to teacher job satisfaction? A multilevel study using Schools and Staffing Survey 2003-04. American Educational Research Journal. DOI: 10.3102/0002831211419949;

(c) Shen, J., Cooley, V., Ma, X., Reeves, P., Burt, W., Rainey, J.M., & Yuan, W. (2012). Data-informed decision-making on high-impact strategies: Developing and validating an instrument for principals. Journal of Experimental Education, 80 (1), 1-25.DOI: 10.1080/00220973.2010.550338;

(d) Ma, X., Shen, J., Kavanaugh, A., Lu, X., Brandi, K., Goodman, J., Till, L., & Watson, G. (2011). Effects of quality improvement system on child care centers. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 25, (4) 399-414; and

(e) Shen, J., Ma, X., Tackett, W., Lu, X., Brandi, K., Goodman, J., Till, L.., Watson, G. (2011). Effects of quality improvement system on early childhood education practitioners. Research and Practice Advances in Early Education and Day Care, 15, 129-154.
Posted November 18

Isaac Hines
Kelsey Woodard (l) and Ms. Aoi Yamanaka (r)

Two students from the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology received awards from the Graduate College. Ms. Aoi Yamanaka who is a Higher Education Student Affairs master’s student received $700 for travel and presenting. This was awarded from the Graduate Student Travel Fund. Kelsey Woodard who is an Educational Leadership doctoral student was awarded $1,000 to use towards doctoral research for her dissertation. Her award was granted from the Graduate Student Research Fund.
Posted November 14

Dr. Wendy Samuels, former WMU doctoral student and faculty member at Ferris State University, along with Dr. Andrea Beach and Dr. Louann Bierlein Palmer, recently had their work on college student retention accepted by the Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice. The article is entitled "Persistence of Adult Undergraduates on a Traditionally Oriented University Campus: Does Donaldson and Grahams' Model of College Outcomes for Adult Students Still Apply? (2011-2012)" and profiles findings from a qualitative study of undergraduates who as adults were about to complete their undergraduate degree, as obtained at a very traditionally oriented university campus. Findings offer insight as to how best serve this growing population of adult learners.
Posted October 17

Brian HorvitzBrian Horvitz, Educational Leadership, Research and Technology and Richard Zinser, Family and Consumer Sciences will present results from their National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research project at the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) National Principal Investigators Conference in Washington, DC on October 27. The ATE program provides grants to improve and expand educational programs, primarily at community colleges, that prepare skilled technicians to work in the high-tech fields. Their presentation, titled "Online Instruction in ATE Funded Projects: Opportunities and Challenges", highlights results from their survey of NSF-ATE projects that include a significant online instructional component. Their report includes a look at the state of ATE-funded online instructional development and trends in this area.
Posted October 10

Gary Miron

On September 13, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France, released a new set of international indicators on national education systems. Professor Gary Miron from the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology was responsible for developing and reporting on the international indicators related to school accountability. The framework and instruments he developed over the last year made it possible to collect and report data from 35 countries related to Performance Accountability, Regulatory Accountability, and Market Accountability. Now it is possible to examine and compare the relative importance of the 3 types of accountability within and across countries and regions. These indicators are also important as researchers seek to explain differences in country performance on standardized tests, access to tertiary education, and overall economic productivity.
Posted September 23

Jianping ShenCo-Principal Investigators Jianping Shen and Van Cooley and team member's Louann Bierlein Palmer, Walter Burt, Bob Leneway, Dennis Mc Crumb, Sue Poppink, Pat Reeves, Gary Wegenke, Gail Walker, and Jill Grosscup are collaborating with 25 principals and 25 aspiring principals in 12 Michigan school districts. The project is funded by a $3,527,438 grant from the United States Department of Education. The team is comprised of faculty from the Department of Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology (ELRT) and the College of Education and Human Development (CoEHD).

Van CooleyTwo three-day work sessions were held at the Crystal Mountain Conference Center in June and August. Work sessions were based on 7 Dimensions of Leadership that have been found to positively impact student achievement. These include: (1) Data Informed Decision Making; (2) Passion and Commitment for School Renewal; (3) Orderly School Operation; (4) High, Cohesive, and Culturally Relevant Expectations for Students; (5) Cohesive Curriculum Programming; (6) Distributive and Empowering Leadership; and (7) Real-time and Embedded Instruction. The team provides professional development and coaching in school districts to support principals, aspiring principals, and school improvement team members in developing renewal projects based on the 7 Dimensions of Leadership that will impact student achievement. The team feels that renewal projects are a systematic approach to school improvement. Each principal will develop a renewal project for each dimension that addresses needs in their respective building. The grant provides stipends to principals and aspiring principals for graduate tuition, supplies, equipment, professional development and activities related to grant activities.

The ELRT team is in the process of completing a book based on the work that has been completed. The book will be published in 2012. The project is an example of faculty and staff developing a learning community with principals, aspiring principals, and teachers in high-needs Michigan school districts. This collaborative work will positively impact the College of Education and Human Development and the Department of Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology. Drs. Shen and Cooley conclude that the inclusion of faculty and staff on the project will help to establish a cohesive leadership team which will have an impact on curriculum and instruction.
Posted September 23

Peterson PalmerDr. Sharon Peterson and Dr. Louann Bierlein Palmer, both from the Educational Leadership, Research and Technology Department recently had their research accepted for publication in the Journal of Distance Education. This research identified the problem solving strategies used by students within a university course designed to teach pre-service teachers educational technology, and whether those strategies were influenced by the format of the course (i.e., face-to-face computer lab vs. online). It also examined to what extent the type of problem solving strategies and/or course format was correlated with students’ expressed level of confidence and competence to integrate technology into their future classroom settings. Data was extracted from surveys of over 1,500 students who had taken the educational technology methods course during one of nineteen semesters at WMU. The accepted article is entitled: Technology Confidence, Competence, and Problem Solving Strategies: Differences within Online and Face-to-Face Formats.
Posted September 15

Jessaca Skybrook

Dr. Jessaca Spybrook was recently awarded a 3 year, $270,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for the project "Advancing Methodological Knowledge in STEM Education Research: An Empirical Investigation of Design Parameters for Planning Cluster Randomized Trials in Science Education."
Posted September 9

Dr. Gary MironOn June 1, Dr. Gary Miron, Educational Leadership, Research and Technology, was invited as an expert witness on school reform for a Congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. The hearing was held by the House Education and the Workforce committee. Before the hearing, Miron had the chance to meet with some of Michigan's representatives including Congressman Kildee (5th District in Michigan) who also sits on the Education and the Workforce committee.
Posted June 14

Robert LenewayRobert Leneway, Associate Professor, Educational Technology was honored with the 2011 Charles E. Chipping Adobe Educational Leader Impact award for his significant contributions to the high educational community and Adobe. He was cited for "providing peer training, support, research and inspiration for implementing effective technology solutions in the classroom and on campus. " He shared this year's honor with Lieve Weymenis, KaHo Sint-Lieven, Nederlands. He presented at the 2011 EduComm conference on Best High Education Practices with Adobe Connect on June 14th in Orlando, FL. Dr. Leneway has been an Adobe Educational Leader since first selected to represent Michigan higher educational institution in 2005.
Posted June 8

Dr. Gary MironBetween July 2010 and March 2011, Dr. Gary Miron served as an adviser for a project that investigated irregularities in student assessment data in 5 states. The work involved a systematic review of data that focused on precipitous gains or drops in mean student performance coupled with irregular increases or decreases in student erasures that involved wrong-to-right changes in answers. The findings from the District of Columbia garnered the most attention because they coincided with the tenure of Chancellor of Public Schools, Michelle Rhee, who was giving teachers $8,000 and administrators $10,000 for demonstrating large gains. Dr. Miron's involvement in this project was highlighted in a front-cover story in USA Today as well as in a 10-minute interview he provided to MSNBC in early April.
Posted May 24

Brian HorvitzBrian Horvitz (ELRT) will be presenting a paper June 29, 2011 at ED-MEDIA 2011--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. He is presenting on behalf of his co-authors Andrea Beach (ELRT) and Mary L. Anderson (CECP). Their paper is titled "The Transition to Online Teaching: Examining Faculty Motivators, Demotivators and Self-Efficacy". Travel to this conference will be possible, in part, through an award from the Diether H. Haenicke Institute for Global Education's International Education Faculty Development Fund. Funding has also been provided by the College of Education and Human Development Travel Fund and the Department of Educational Leadership, Research & Technology Travel Fund.
Posted May 16

Sara Morales, a HESA Leadership masters student and full-time hall director at Michigan State University (MSU), received the MSU Department of Residence Life Director of the Year for 2010-2011
Posted May 2

Aoi Yamanaka, master's student in HESA Leadership, is the 2010-11 recipient of the Paul and Phyllis Griffeth Endowed Scholarship for Outstanding Promise as a Student Affairs Professional.
Posted May 2

Monica Lininger, doctoral student in Evaluation, Measurement and Research, just received a partial-year Dissertation Completion Fellowship. The fellowship draws applicants from across all of WMU. This year there were twenty applicants and only 2 full-year and 4 partial-year fellowships awarded.
Posted April 1

Gary MironDr. Gary Miron, Professor in Evaluation, Measurement, & Research in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology has been invited to provide three lectures/presentations on school reforms during the month of March.  March 7, the Michigan Education Summit in Novi, Michigan, March 15, the Forum for the Future of Public Education in Chicago, Illinois, and March 25 he delivered a policy briefing for legislators in Detroit, Michigan.
Posted March 15

June Gothberg, a doctoral student in Evaluation, Measurement, & Research has prepared two publications, made two professional presentations, in the last few months:

National Secondary Technical Assistance Center (2011). Transition Leaders Sustainability Toolkit. Western Michigan University, Gothberg, J.E., Coyle, J.L., & Kohler, P.D. (U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs)

National Secondary Technical Assistance Center (2010). Facilitator Preparation Manual. Western Michigan University, Bowerman, R.L, Kohler, P.D., Coyle, J.L.,   Gothberg, J.E., & Shadrick, I.D.

Gothberg, J.E. & Wirth, M. (2011, February). Building a culture of sustainability through program evaluation and improvement. Keynote presented at Colorado Cadres, Centennial & Thornton, CO

Gothberg, J.E. & Coyle, J.L. (2010, November 30). Evaluating the impact of your efforts to improve secondary transition education and services. Webinar presented for the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center

Gothberg has also been also been appointed to the Family Hope Foundation Board of Directors and re-approved as the Co-Chair for the Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Populations TIG at the American Evaluation Association
Posted March 15

Trisha Howrigon, a MA student in Evaluation, Measurement, and Research, and Mr. Xiaojie Hu, a MA student in Educational Leadership both attended the Forum for the Future of Public Education in Chicago on March 15.
Posted March 15

LouannProfessors Louann Bierlein Palmer (Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology) and Timothy Palmer (Department of Management) lead a group of 16 WMU business students to New Orleans for an alternative spring break. They met with top community leaders and conducted interviews with 15 different social entrepreneurs working to recreate the educational and social systems in the city. Service work was conducted for a school in the Lower 9th Ward, and video profiles of the various entrepreneurs are being developed for placement on the Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans' (SENO) website. And of course, there was some time to play (and eat), including Mardi Gras parades, a swamp tour, seafood gumbo, crawfish, beignets, pralines, and king cake. More info on our blog.
Posted March 14

Gary MironAlong with 2 other experts from Columbia University and University of New Brunswick (Canada), Dr. Gary Miron from the Department of Education Leadership, Research, and Technology in the  College of Education and Human Development has been invited by the Dutch government to provide advice on reforms involving expansion of school choice and teacher evaluation systems.  The team of international experts will work with officials from the Dutch government and Ministry of Education in the Hague during the first week of March.
Dr. Miron also recently published a review of a policy report from the Brookings Institute entitled  "Rethinking the Federal Role in Education.”  This was published by the National Education Policy Center, where Dr. Miron serves as a national education policy fellow.


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