The Evaluation Team

Gary MironDr. Gary J. Miron, Project Director
Ph.D., 1994, Stockholm University
(269) 599-7965

Dr. Miron has extensive experience in directing and leading large scale evaluations and research studies including statewide, national, and international studies and has focused on evaluations of school reforms and education policies.

He works with the Evaluation, Measurement, and Research (EMR) graduate program and he leads a number of grants and contracts related to the evaluation of school reforms.

Dr. Miron is a professor of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at WMU’s College of Education and Human Development. He has worked on a variety of evaluations for charter schools in six states and a federally sponsored a study of the correlates of success in American charter schools. He recently led are a 5-year systemic initiative in North Central Louisiana and a scholarship program for 2,000 low-income Native Hawaiians. In the past he has evaluated a number of high stakes school reforms including a national voucher reform in Sweden and an evaluation of student achievement in schools operated by Edison Schools Inc.

Jeffrey JonesDr. Jeffrey Jones, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2008, University of Virginia
(269) 387-3517

Jeffrey Jones is an assistant professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Studies in the College of Education at Western Michigan University. He received his Ph.D. in Risk and Prevention in Education Sciences from the University of Virginia. He conducts research on the social context of adolescent learning and development, and focuses on school and community-based interventions that promote academic and civic engagement.


Dr. Allison Kelaher Young, Professor
Ph.D., University of Michigan
(269) 387-3514

Allison Kelaher Young is a professor in the department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Studies. Her work crosses educational psychology, sociology, and curriculum theory. Allison's research interests include adolescent development, motivation theories, teacher beliefs, social contexts of schooling and learning and teaching in higher education. Her recent articles have appeared in College Teaching, Research in Higher Education, and the Journal for Excellence in College Teaching. She is currently studying beliefs about learning and teaching in preservice teachers, with an interest in informing teacher education programming. She is also working on research with Dr. Cynthia Carver at Michigan State University and Dr. Stuart Karabenick at University of Michigan.

Tammy DeRoo Karl Boswell , Research Assistant

Karl is a freshman at WMU and is yet undecided as to what his major will be. He has been working on various projects including the Kalamazoo Promise evaluation and EMO-related projects since fall 2010.




Tammy DeRoo, Research Intern/Assistant

Tammy DeRoo, MSW, is a doctoral student in the Evaluation, Measurement, and Research program. Her professional interests lie in research and evaluation of health & human service organizations. She has a particular interest in evaluating the provision of end-of- life or hospice services in order to further development these programs and establish improved outcome measurements.


Andrew W. Hearin , Research Assistant

Andrew is currently in the Computer Information Systems program at the Haworth College of Business. He is third year student and also works for the Office of Information Technology Helpdesk. He has been working on the Kalamazoo Promise scholarsship program since October 2010.



Xiaojie HuXiaojie Hu, Research Assistant

Xiaojie is working on his Master degree in Educational leadership. He is also very interested in the Evaluation, Mesurement and Research Program. He has been working on the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship project since 2010.


Yulia Leonova, Research Assistant

Yuliya is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a Minor in English. She has recently been working on several projects in relation to the Kalamazoo Promise and other related scholarships. She has been working with the team since 2009.




James Lind , Research Assistant

James is a freshman at WMU majoring in aeronautical engineering. He joined the team in fall 2010 and has been working on projects related to the Kalamazoo Promise evaluation and the EMO Profiles Reports.




Randy Lovette, Research Assistant

Randolph Lovette, an army veteran, has been with the EMO program since September 2009. He is a sophomore, working on a bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems at the Haworth College of Business.





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