Community-School Maps

The maps presented on this page depict the relationships between the schools in the Kalamazoo Public School (KPS) district and the Kalamazoo community. Their purpose is to provide visual diagrams of the network of community organizations and individuals that support the students and families of KPS. Often, partnerships are arranged through Kalamazoo Communities in Schools (KCIS), a nonprofit organization that acts as a bridge between the schools and service providers, or even concerned citizens. In other cases, community organizations or individuals contact the school directly to begin a program. For these reasons, the number of community-school partnerships varies significantly from school to school. The partnerships listed are current for the 2007-2008 school year.

Data for the maps were gathered from numerous sources. We began with searches over the Internet, including each school's Web site, to locate any school-community partnerships. Some schools had more information available on the Web than others. We also contacted each school's community liaison and asked for assistance in completing the maps. For some schools, the community liaison also is a principal, guidance counselor, or volunteer. Therefore, it was difficult to gather complete information from some schools. In fact, a few of the maps are quite incomplete. Schools with KCIS coordinators were indispensable in their assistance.

We hope you find these maps helpful in understanding the nature and scope of community partnerships with KPS schools. We intend to revise the maps over time to reflect the growth of Kalamazoo's community philanthropy.



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