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I - Major Technology Core Courses

EDT 5410 - Introduction to Educational Technology (3 hrs.) 

Lab and girlThe course focuses on the implementation of computer-based tools for teaching and learning. Tools widely used in the field of education and emerging technologies will be presented. Students enrolled in this course will learn to operate various telecommunication tools to support their own personal productivity, teaching, and instruction. The course also introduces students to the field of Instructional Design & Technology through selected readings on foundational topics.

EDT 5420 - Teaching with Technology: Design and Development for Learning (3 hrs.)

This course focuses on the design, development, and integration of educational technology methods for teaching, learning, and personal productivity. This course provides an overview of learning theory and instructional design principles related to the development of educational technology programs. A review of the theory of individual learning styles and application of technology will be presented. Upon completion of this course, students will possess knowledge in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of instruction through the implementation of various technologies. Students will design and develop educational technology products (computer based, hypermedia/multimedia, WWW, etc.) based upon learning theory and instructional design principles.

EDT 6440 - Advanced Information Technologies for Instructional Technology (3 hrs.)

This course provides a detailed review of the latest technological advancements and their potential impact on educational institutions. Students will receive information on the wide array of media types and methods for transmitting them. Students will also be exposed to and experience a variety of data, video, and audio technologies. Introduction to management issues with educational technology at the building level will be presented. This course focuses on two primary areas: 1)~equipment and costs necessary to implement these systems and 2)~the impact these technologies have on an educational system. Students will acquire skills that will enable them to connect, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain a variety of advanced technology systems.

EDT 6450 - Technical/Operational Issues of Educational Technology (3 hrs.)

This course covers management issues related to the selection, purchase, installation, and maintenance of software programs for computers and computer network systems. Students will learn how to conduct a technology needs assessment for a school district. Using information gained from the needs assessment, students will also learn methods of planning for, implementing, and maintaining technology across an entire system. A detailed review of networking items including hardware, software, Internet connectivity, and troubleshooting issues will also be addressed.

EDT 6480 - Designing Staff Development for Educational Technology (3 hrs.)

This course will provide students with necessary skills to assume leadership roles in the integration of technology for instruction across educational systems. The course focuses on teaching strategies to promote learning to teach with technology as well as planning and implementing staff development activities. This course will address teaching strategies for adult learners enabling technology leaders to implement successful training activities. Students will gain skills in designing instruction for a wide variety of adult audiences.

EDT 6490 - Planning and Implementing District Level Educational Technology (3 hrs.)

This course focuses on the development of leadership skills for technology integration across an entire school district. Steps involved with planning, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating technology integration will be addressed. Specific management issues include creating technology plans and goals and managing technology finances for a school district. Policy and procedure issues such as staffing, scheduling, and technology security will also be presented. Students will be able to make informed decisions about technology selection, purchase, and implementation based upon school district technology goals and financial resources.

II - Minor Technology Core Elective Courses

EDT 5400 - Intro to Computing and Technology for Productivity (3 hrs.)

This course is a basic introduction to computing and technology for productivity software. Designed for the beginning computer user, this course covers necessary information for the student to operate successfully a computer and other technology devices. Operation includes running programs, accessing information, data manipulation, and publication. A variety of computer software programs will be presented. Students will be provided with basic "hands-on" activities with many different software applications. Upon completing this course, the student will be aware of various types and purposes of software for learning and productivity and will be able to evaluate educational software for classroom application.

EDT 5030 - Educational Technology Academy (1-3 hrs.)

This course is designed to permit students to update knowledge and skills in current educational technology and apply this learning for use in educational programs for students in pre-kindergarten through college. Such applications include methods of using computers, video and audiovisual technologies in literacy development, content area programs, instructional management, and the arts, as well as others appropriate to preservice and inservice professions. Participation in the course presumes subject matter knowledge and basic computer literacy on the part of the students. Final course outcomes include application of material to the classroom/work place. These ETA offerings bring students with specific needs, instructors with unique expertise, and facilities with appropriate resources together for intensive and highly-focused learning experiences. May be repeated. Graded on a credit/no credit basis.

EDT 5500 – Digital Photography (3 hrs.)

Intended to sharpen visual perception while improving technical skills, this workshop course emphasizes the photographic process as a creative and expressive medium of visual communication in educational settings. Using digital photographic equipment, students are expected to produce new photographic images, edit the images using common computer editing tools, and publish the images using common desktop publishing, desktop presentation, and multimedia software for group critique. Each student will be required to find access to appropriate photographic/multimedia and software.

EDT 6410 - Instructional Technology for Educational Leaders (3 hrs.)

Intended for curriculum development specialist, media specialists and experienced teachers, this course focuses on leadership and management issues related to the effective uses of a variety of advanced technology tools, practices and multi-media applications. Students follow an instructional development procedure for using instructional technologies that can assist with curricular objectives, and improvement of student achievement.

EDT 6460 - Studies in Educational Technology (3 hrs.)

Different state-of-the-art topics are covered in different semesters. Students may be immersed in deep theoretical study or trained in high-level competencies that will be of use and of interest to educational technology practitioners and leaders. Recent topics have included Creating Online Courses, Digital Video and Animation, Managing Organization Change & Technology Innovation in Education, and Virtual Communities/Second Life in Education.

III - Educational Research Courses

EMR 5400 - Fundamentals of Evaluation, Measurement and Research (3 hrs.)

This course is designed to develop skills in the fundamentals of research design and the uses and interpretations of research findings. Each student is expected to prepare a review of literature and design for a research study.

ED 6010 - Introduction to Research in Educational Settings (3 hrs.)

This course is intended to provide students with an overview of major forms of research models used in educational settings and to provide them with skills in interpreting and evaluating educational research studies. Emphasis is placed on careful reading and critique of current studies that are representative of the various models.

FCS 6010 - Basic Research Methods and Design (3 hrs.)

This course introduces students to applied methods and basic research design. It is appropriate for producers of research and for students who plan to emphasize practice. Emphasis throughout is on concrete examples from applied settings appropriate to Family and Consumer Sciences and Career and Technical Education.

IV – Culminating Learning Activity Courses

EDT 7100 - Independent Research (3 hrs.)

Designed for highly qualified advanced graduate students or small groups, who wish to pursue individual studies or projects under the direction of a member of the Graduate Faculty. Graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. Prerequisites: Completion of Master of Arts in Educational Technology core courses and advisor permission. For more details see Capstone Project.

EDT 7000 - Master's Thesis (6 hrs.)

Encouraged for those wishing to pursue a doctoral degree. Discuss the more stringent and research requirements with your advisor prior to enrolling. Prerequisites: Completion of Master of Arts in Educational Technology core courses and advisor permission.


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