Graduate Certificate - Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Certificate - Frequently Asked Questions

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Graduate Certificate - Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to take the classes in order?

There are no course prerequisites for classes that you need to take. If you have comparable experience or have substitute course for EDT 5400, it is possible to get these courses waived by contacting . Course waivers are also determined from information found in the Application essay and transcripts.

I have the skills taught in EDT 5400 and wish to have one of these (or both) classes waived. How do I demonstrate my proficiency?

Your experience should be noted in a letter of application or your written statement when applying to the Certificate program. Your transcripts will be reviewed to see if comparable classes have been taken. We may also seek additional information from you. If accepted in the program with a waiver, this information will be included in your acceptance letter from the University.

Where do I get the application materials?

Admissions Information

I really need to work on a master's degree. Who do I talk to about this?

You can take courses in the Certificate program without being admitted using the non-degree status. Students are limited to nine credit hours on non-degree status. An EDT Advisor can talk with you about specific questions and the Educational Technology master's degree. Students can take Educational Technology Courses while enrolled in a master or doctorate program at Western. Make sure you have the approval of your academic advisor if you want to include the courses toward your degree.

Several masters' programs at Western are incorporating Educational Technology courses as elective courses including the Master of Arts in Career and Technical Education and the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.

I've applied, but haven't heard anything. Who do I contact?

The Educational Technology Program, Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology, ((269) 387-3896), can update you on the status of your application. Be aware that delays in receiving transcripts from other schools, reviewing the application, and processing admission information can take approximately two months.

Are students in the Educational Technology Graduate Certificate Program eligible for Financial Aid?

To be eligible for financial aid, students must be admitted as a "regular" student in an "eligible" degree-granting program. A regular student is one who has applied for admission and has been admitted to an eligible program. A student who is admitted as non-degree status is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FINANCIAL AID.

An eligible program is a program that offers a degree, certificate or other recognized educational credential. The only programs (other than the degree programs) at Western that meet the above standards are: the Michigan teacher certification program, additional courses beyond the bachelor's to earn "permanent certification" (PTG/CER); and additional courses beyond the bachelor's to earn "licensure" (PTG/LIC).

For additional information on financial aid contact the Student Financial Aid Office, 8-5 Monday through Friday, ((269) 387-6000), or e-mail to: .[top]

I‘ve completed my course work for the Educational Technology Certificate, how do I get a copy of the certificate?

When a student has successfully completed all of the course work outlined in their Certificate of Educational Technology Program Form they are eligible to receive the Certificate. Certificates will be awarded at the end of the semester or a session – in December, April, June or August.

Students must submit an “Application for Graduation Audit” form along with a application fee to the Registrar’s Office, 3rd Floor, Seibert Administration Building, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008 ((269) 387-4300). The form is also available at: The deadlines for submitting the form and related application fees are also there.

Please Note: Students seeking to use credits towards a permanent teaching certificate also may need a reading literacy course such as LS 5060 offered by the WMU Special Education and Literacy Studies department (SPLS). This can be taken as one of the 5,000 level elective course requirements.


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