Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Doctoral Students of K-12 Leadership

Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

K-12 Leadership Students

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Sukinah Al Ramel profile picture

Sukinah Al Ramel

Graduate Student, WMU

Research interest: Developing educational curriculum

Kelly Amshey profile picture

Kelly Amshey

Assistant Principal, Rockford Public Schools

Research interest: K-12 funding/school choice and bully prevention

George Aramath profile picture

George Aramath

Ph.D student & Research Assistant, Western Michigan University

Research interest: Investigating Practices of Research-Proven Multidimensional Teacher Evaluation Systems

Gretchen Bergan profile picture

Gretchen Bergan

Special education teacher, Adams Township schools

Research interest: Teacher trust levels

Ann Bingham profile picture

Ann Bingham

Middle School Math/History Teacher, Ring Lardner Middle School

Research interest: Data Informed Decision Making

Robin Buchler profile picture

Robin Buchler

Assistant Superintendent, Mattawan Consolidated School

Research interest: Anxiety-reducing strategies embedded in the classroom

Mike Burde profile picture

Mike Burde

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Kenowa Hills Public Schools

Research interest: The relationship between professional learning communities and student achievement

Caroline Cannon profile picture

Caroline Cannon

Elementary Principal, East Grand Rapids Public Schools

Research interest: Section 504 plans in public schools

Alan Carter profile picture

Alan Carter

Principal, Lighthouse Academy

Research interest: The At-Risk Student and their Success

Frederick Clarke profile picture

Frederick Clarke

Superintendent, Rochester Community Schools

Research interest: Leadership and achievement gaps

Bill Dinkelmann profile picture

Bill Dinkelmann

Educational Systems Analyst & K-12 Science Consultant, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District

Research interest: Science Education Program Implementation Fidelity

Gregg Dionne profile picture

Gregg Dionne

Supervisor, Curriculum and Instruction, Michigan Department of Education

Research interest: Policy Implementation

Alina Fortenberry profile picture

Alina Fortenberry

Principal, Muskegon City Schools

Research interest: Effects of Generational Poverty on Academic Achievement

Mike Gaunt profile picture

Mike Gaunt

Superintendent, Marion School District, Marion, Wisconsin

Research interest: Principal's perceptions of their fulfillment of Marzano's (2005) 21 Responsibilities, and differences when the principal is assigned to a multi-role or single-role position

Lissa Geqlio-Weidenfeller profile picture

Lissa Geqlio-Weidenfeller

Principal, North Rockford Middle School

Research interest: Risk and Bully Prevention, Pro-social Outcomes

Melvina Gillespie profile picture

Melvina Gillespie

Director, Michigan Education Association

Research interest: Identifying Highly Efficacious Teachers Working In Urban Districts Under State Takeover

Jessie Gonzalez II profile picture

Jessie Gonzalez II

Assistant Principal, Northwest Community Schools-Kidder Middle School

Research interest: Teacher evaluation; 380.1249;educational law

Ronald Gorman profile picture

Ronald Gorman

Executive Director, Grand Rapids Public Schools

Research interest: Standardized Testing

Doug Greer profile picture

Doug Greer

School Improvement & Instructional Data Consultant, Ottawa Area ISD

Research interest: School Accountability, Interim Assessments, or Educator Evaluations

Kathleen Grinwis profile picture

Kathleen Grinwis

Principal, Paramount Charter Academy National Heritage Academies

Research interest: Impacts of high academic expectations & highly developed relational capacity in successful charter schools

Susan Gutierrez profile picture

Susan Gutierrez

Principal, Forest Hills Public Schools

Research interest: Middle Level Teachers' Assessment Practices

Katherine Homer profile picture

Katherine Homer

Business Teacher, Lowell Area Schools

Research interest:

Michael Hugan profile picture

Michael Hugan

Principal, Harbor Beach Community High School

Research interest: Organizational Leadership/Student Achievement

Faith Johnson profile picture

Faith Johnson

ELA Teacher, Saginaw Public Schools

Research interest: Parental Involvement

LaMetria Johnson-Eaddy profile picture

LaMetria Johnson-Eaddy

Administrator, Saginaw Public Schools

Research interest: Single African-American Mothers and Daughters

Mulonge M. Kalumbula profile picture

Mulonge M. Kalumbula

Supervisor, Social Studies & Career and Technical Education Curriculum, Grand Rapids Public Schools

Research interest: District Mandated Changes in Technology and Inquiry-Based Instruction

Lisa Lockman profile picture

Lisa Lockman

Director of General Education, Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District

Research interest: Assessment Practices

Kevin Macina profile picture

Kevin Macina

Principal, Marshall Elementary Byron Center Public Schools

Research interest: Teacher Perspectives Regarding Effective Principal Practice

Salah Meemar profile picture

Salah Meemar

Faculty member, Taibah University

Research interest: How principals in Saudi manage the new powers for the transition to decentralization

Sara Moore profile picture

Sara Moore

Elementary Teacher, Bay City Public Schools

Research interest: How professional development is chosen for teaching staff

Trent Mosley profile picture

Trent Mosley

School Improvement Dean, Saginaw School District

Research interest: Three-Minute Walk-Through and changes in instructional practices

Janet Ordiway profile picture

Janet Ordiway

, Adjunct Faculty, Western Michigan University

Research interest: K-12 Michigan Superintendency

Rachael Postle-Brown profile picture

Rachael Postle-Brown

Principal, Pinewood Elementary, Jenison Public Schools

Research interest: Summer learning. Cost effective, family friendly, best to prevent summer learning loss

Andrew Rynberg profile picture

Andrew Rynberg

Executive Leadership Coach, New Ways School, LLC

Research interest: Leadership Coaching- K-12 Schools

Steve Sanocki profile picture

Steve Sanocki

Elementary Principal, North Muskegon Public Schools

Research interest: The Process of Becoming and Distributing Teacher Leadership: Grounded Theory Research

Darin Schmidt profile picture

Darin Schmidt

Assistant principal, Battle Creek Lakeview High School

Research interest: Visual, performing, and applied arts education

Cary Stamas profile picture

Cary Stamas

Principal, Kraft Meadows Middle School, Caledonia Community Schools

Research interest: Assessment, gifted and talented programs, grading

Kathy Stewart profile picture

Kathy Stewart

Associate Superintendent for Instruction, Gratiot Isabella RESD

Research interest: The impact of the era of transparency and Web 2.0 resources on K-12 Leadership

Jason Surian profile picture

Jason Surian

Elementary Principal, Portage Public Schools

Research interest: Teacher Leadership, Evaluation, English Language Learning, Principal Preparation Programs

Felecia Swilley profile picture

Felecia Swilley

Teacher, Saginaw Public School District

Research interest: Quantitative Research

Ericka M. Taylor profile picture

Ericka M. Taylor

Principal, Saginaw Public Schools

Research interest: Influence of spirituality on K-12 leaders

Mark Tompkins profile picture

Mark Tompkins

Superintendent, Harbor Springs Public Schools

Research interest: Policy Implementation: prohibited subjects of bargaining and merit pay

Christen Topolinski profile picture

Christen Topolinski

Learning Consultant, Forest Hills Public Schools

Research interest: Teacher Leadership and Professional Development

Timothy Travis profile picture

Timothy Travis

Principal, Saugatuck Middle School & High School

Research interest: Implementation of regional Instructional Rounds Networks to improve teaching and learning.

Kathleen Vafadari profile picture

Kathleen Vafadari

Principal, Holland Public Schools

Research interest: Principal Evaluation

Ann Vayre profile picture

Ann Vayre

Special Education/READ 180, Saginaw Public Schools

Research interest: READ 180 in an Urban High School

Jared Vickers profile picture

Jared Vickers

Principal, Western Options High School

Research interest: Traditional Public & Public Charter School Leadership

Greg Warsen profile picture

Greg Warsen

Superintendent, Kelloggsville Public Schools

Research interest: The relationship between instruction, assessment, grading practices and state assessment

Michael Zoerhoff profile picture

Michael Zoerhoff

Superintendent, Kentwood Public Schools

Research interest: The connection between student achievement and positive adult to student relationships.

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