Concentration: K-12 Teacher Leadership (Effective Fall 2013)

Concentration: K-12 Teacher Leadership (Effective Fall 2013)

Educational Leadership

Concentration: K-12 Teacher Leadership (Effective Fall 2013)child in classroom

This 30 hour concentration is designed to prepare graduate students for collaborative teacher leadership roles in K-12 schools, following national standards for teacher leadership. This program is specifically designed for teachers who do not wish to become administrators, but desire to take on leadership roles that contribute to the success of K-12 schools through improved student outcomes.

For those seeking the Michigan Administrator certificate, three additional courses beyond this concentration are required. Efforts are underway to have this concentration lead to the receipt of the MI Advanced Professional certification.

Application Information

Please contact Mary McCrumb, advisor for the teacher leadership concentration, at if you have any questions.

I.  Leadership Core

EDLD 6020: Educational Leadership, Systems and Change
EDLD 6300: Data-Informed Decision-Making, Research and Evaluation 
EDLD 6791: Educational Leadership Master's Seminar (1 credit) and
EDLD 6792: Capstone Experience (2 credits)

II. Specialty Core

EDLD 6640: Curriculum Development
EDLD 6730: Instructional Leadership and Supervision
EDLD 6740: School Community Relations and Cultural Competence
* EDLD 6750: The Work of Teacher Leaders
* EDLD 6760: How Schools Work: Organizational Finance & Legal System
EDT 6410: Instructional Technology for School Leaders (fully online)
Elective (approved by advisor)

* Those marked with an "*" are only available on the main campus and the Grand Rapids campus. All others are available at all five campus locations.

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