Mission Statement

Leadership & Activist Development Training Series

This training series has been created to develop the leadership skills and abilities of student activists and leaders on campus. Each session is intended to build upon the previous session. All sessions will take place in the KIVA Room in the lower level of the Faunce Student Services Building.

Session I: Knowing Yourself
When we go out into the world as activists, it is important that we understand ourselves and the structure of the world around us. In this training, participants will learn about systems of oppression and where they fit into those systems in terms of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. We will also talk about where we came from, where we are now, and where it is that we want to go. This series is intended to prepare participants for the later levels of training.

Session II: Awareness & Maintenance
Activism work is difficult. How do we take care of ourselves and balance our lives? In this training, participants will learn to work with their strengths and limitations as individuals, in addition to learning basic strategies for self-care and maintaining a healthy balance.

Session III: Navigating the System
Many times, we know what we want to do but have no idea how to go about doing that. We will hear from various individuals within the Western Michigan University system about topics such as maintaining a student organization, organizing volunteers, planning and promoting events, and funding those events. We will also have a brief presentation about other funding resources and working with community organizations for events and activities.

Session IV: Putting it All Together
This Session is intended to be taken after an individual has completed the first 3 sessions. We will be brainstorming and problem-solving as a group, developing clear and practical plans for events and educational programs on campus and in the community. This session can be attended more than once.



This training series has been made possible by generous funding from
the Arcus Foundation Gay & Lesbian Fund



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