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Safe On Campus Training Program

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This educational program describes the basics about being an ally to lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender (LBGT) students. Participants receive information on practical strategies for addressing homophobia; learn ways to support students who are “coming out”; and gain an understanding of respectful language use. Participants may choose to become members of the Safe On Campus (SOC) program by signing a pledge of support for LBGT people. SOC members are given a door sign or a button to display in their campus living or work place. This indicates the space is safe for LBGT persons to discuss their concerns. SOC facilitators may be invited to residence halls, student organizations, and classrooms. Membership is always optional.

The Safe on Campus Trainings are divided into Level I, Level II, and Level III.

The Level I Safe on Campus Training provides a general overview, educating
individuals about gender identity and sexual orientation. This training is intended for those who have little experience with individuals of varying orientations and identities. A brief introduction to terminology and basic information on being an ally will accompany stories of Coming Out.

The Level II Safe on Campus Training is more advanced and will further familiarize participants with the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation. This training is designed to provide additional information to individuals that already have experience with such topics, but are interested in further educating themselves. We will talk more about the “T” in LBGT, LBGT Identity Development, and more. This training would also be a good refresher course for past SOC members.

The Level III Safe on Campus Training is an advanced seminar that is designed to provide information on pertinent and contemporary discussions in the LBGT Community. This year, the Level III training will focus on the a current issue that will be announced in the Fall. Previously, we have discussed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and the politics surrounding the legislation.




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