Summer Translation Program Housing

As a student of the Summer Translation Program in the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Western Michigan University, you are responsible for securing your own housing during your stay in Kalamazoo.  While the directors and staff of the program are happy to provide advice and suggestions, they are not responsible for securing housing for you.

Housing options

Rentals or sublets from other students in the Kalamazoo area

Many students in Kalamazoo who attend WMU or the other local schools (Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, etc.) sublet their apartments during the summer. Find apartments available for rent or inexpensive sublease at:

Hotels in Kalamazoo

Located just a few miles from WMU's main campus, these hotels offer furnished rooms and bus services to campus Monday through Friday. When making reservations, emphasize that you are part of the WMU Department of World Languages and Literatures’ Summer Translation Program.

  • Staybridge Suites: Search "Kalamazoo" online and call (269) 372-8000 for best rates.

  • Value Place: Call (269) 372-6300 for best rates. Rooms come with bed, refrigerator, microwave and stove, but no utensils. Cooking utensils can be purchased on-site.

Student dormitories or apartments on campus

These rooms are conveniently located on campus, not far from the buildings where the Summer Translation Program classes and activities will be held. It is possible to get a pro-rated rate for the one month that the Summer Translation Program will take place. Contact the Office of Residence Life and emphasize that you will be on campus only for the short duration of the Summer Translation Program. Students should inquire about the possibility of reserving a room in an air-conditioned dormitory.

Because the WMU campus is not within easy walking distance of most of the major grocery shopping areas in Kalamazoo, students living on campus might consider the possibility of bringing a car with them. The Kalamazoo Metro Transit bus system covers the majority of the Kalamazoo area and can assist with your travels around town.  WMU students ride free by presenting their Bronco ID.