Summer Translation Program Tuition

Tuition for the Summer Translation Program in the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Western Michigan University varies depending on your student status. Financial aid is available for qualified applicants.

Tuition and fees

Tuition includes the five credits of study, guest speakers, cultural activities and access to University services including library services and the Student Recreation Center.  

Tuition and fees will follow the general University rules for resident/non-resident status for 5 credits of summer study. Students who have received a bachelor’s degree will be considered graduate-level students.

International students are required to have medical insurance for the period of the program.

Financial aid

Financial aid, including loans, may be available. Students should file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid with the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility for loans. In discussions with the Office of Financial Aid, be sure to emphasize that you will be a full-time student in a short-term program. If you are already a WMU student receiving loans or scholarships, contact the Office of Financial Aid to confirm that your financial aid will extend to summer programs as they will be able to discuss financial aid options for all prospective students.