Timothy Light

Timothy Light

Timothy Light

Department: Comparative Religion, 2001 Moore Hall

Research Interests

Key words or phrases:

NOTE: Since I came to WMU, I have been in Comparative Religion. That is because I was hired to help Pres. Haenicke with International Studies and Programs and WMU at that time had neither a linguistics program nor a Chinese program. For that reason, my only professional activity in linguistics since 1991 has been to be a reviewer of submissions to two journals. However, I do keep up an interest in Chinese linguistics and linguistics in general, but am woefully out of date. What follows are research interests from 1960 to 1991

  1. Structure of Chinese (aspects of Chinese syntax; phonological structure of Chinese syllable; Chinese dialects [Cantonese and Toishan]; pedagogical linguistics [foreign language teaching]. I have published things in these areas.

  2. Chinese discourse structure; Use of Chinese in society. I have given papers on these matters, but not really published anything.

  3. Using linguistics concepts and tools to study certain patterns in religious behavior. Nothing published, papers given.

Courses Taught

I have taught no linguistics courses at WMU (at least, not yet). Previously have taught elsewhere:

Intro. To Linguistics; Foreign-Language Pedagogy; Structure of Chinese Language; History of Chinese Language; Seminars in Chinese Discourse, Syntax, Dialect Studies


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