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Arabic Online is a resource page for multimedia language learning materials. This portal provides access to full instructional units offering authentic texts and audio/video excerpts with self graded comprehension questions. The materials are free to use and no registration is needed. Simply choose one of the courses below and you can get started!


  • The multimedia components work best with Firefox and Chrome.
  • Remember to bookmark this page.

How to use the materials?

  • Each unit starts with a pre-reading activity. You have a picture with a couple of questions designed to get you thinking about the topic of the main passage or video. This is a mouse-over zoom picture; simply use the mouse to see the details of the picture.
  • The next page includes the main text. Try to read the text on your own first (several times if possible) and do your best to understand it before using the glosses and cultural notes on the next page.
  • The listening page has an audio recording of the passage along with the text. Try to listen only to practice your listening skills. If you get stuck, refer to the passage. When you are comfortable with the listening part, try to listen as you read. This will help improve your reading speed.
  • The multiple choice pages include different kinds of questions that will help you test your reading comprehension. It is more beneficial to actually answer the questions before checking the answers.
  • The cloze test pages will help you assess your listening skills. You click on the word ___, and the audio file will play. Write down the missing words, and then click on the numbered blanks to check your answers.
  • The video/audio page presents an excerpt from a TV or radio program along with its script. Watch the video on your own and try not to refer to the script unless your get stuck. The multiple choice questions on the next two pages will help you assess you listening comprehension.
  • The writing task presented on the last page gives you a prompt for an essay or a discussion where you can use the vocabulary learned in the unit.

If you have comments or questions, please contact Dr. Mustafa Mughazy.




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