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Photos & Maps


Spring Photographs

Anemone Fungus Mayapple
Marsh Marigold Bloodroot Jack in the Pulpit
Sunset over the marsh Kleinstuck plaque Forest in March


Summer Photographs

Forest trail Stream Bullfrog
Marsh from north trail Marsh from north trail A view from the inside
View of marsh from bench on north side Forest floor Tiger Salamander
Rabbit Rush meadow Sunny opening


Fall Photographs

Marsh Sunflower near marsh edge Forest
Ducks on the water Marsh water Kleinstuck scenery

Winter Photographs

Fall changes to Winter Winter Wonderland Snowy bench
Twigs in the snow Snow covered marsh Winter berries

Seasonal photos taken by Liga Dindonis, Kristin Schinske, Jim Ratliff and Cari DeLong

Aerial Photographs (click to view larger images)

Kleinstuck Preserve Aerial Photo 1938 Kleinstuck Aerial Photograph in 2007
Klienstuck Preserve in 1938
Kleinstuck Preserve in 2007



Maps (click to view larger images)

Kleinstuck Trails Map Kleinstuck Infrastructure Map Kleinstuck Management Zones
Trail Map
Infrastructure Map
Management Zones Map